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Thread: pos computer keeps restarting

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    Default pos computer keeps restarting

    I have all the memory dump files, i dunno how to read these things.

    everytime my computer restarts its usually just sitting, and when it comes back it gives me "your system has recovered from a serious error"

    so... if you wanna help chat me on like yahoo or something and i'll send you my dmp files. (I dun think I can attach them to this, and I dont wanna go through the trouble of filehosting)

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    How often is this happening and what version of windows do you have?

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    Check your hard drive for sector errors and what not. Last time I had this problem my hard drive was "dying" and needed to be replaced.

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    i recently had hard-drive problems, with the symptoms as described by the OP and including lots of drive noise (it had always been noisy, though) and freezing (often associated with the drive noisily accessing particular parts of itself). sometimes it would freeze on the BIOS screen, too, and show 0GB for the hard-drive. no diagnostics ever found a problem.
    a new hard-drive solved it and was also the cheapest option, as far as i could tell, as my pc is over 5 years old and on the old type cpu pins (so i did look at getting a new one).

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    the other thing is it could have nothing to do with the harddrive. Are you getting a blue screen error ? do you know what error code your getting ? if its a blue screen error your getting pressing F10 on when it appears will stop the computer from restarting automaticaly, and give you time to right down the error code. if the error code is 0x00000017 then there is a possibility that it could be either your Hard Disk Drive, Ram, Processor or Windows Operating System.

    for more information on error code 0x00000017 check out the microsoft support site.

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    Could be entirely hardware related. Does the computer just suddenly die, or are there any errors before hand.

    I had a box that used to just suddenly power down. No warning, no beep, fine one second... black screen the next.

    Turned out it was bad caps in the PSU.

    Unfortunately there's no easy way to tell. Any piece of hardware can bring down most consumer hardware. Could be ram, hard disk, video card, etc. Metering the power supply, removing all but the bare required peripherals, and swapping stuff out with spares if you have them is about all you can do. Run it for a while.. if no problems, gradually re-introduce stuff until it breaks.

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    There really is no easy way to fix it: my laptop had the same problem, so it took me hundreds of BSODS, random crashes and freezes to figure out that my graphic card drivers were corrupted after a recent update AND that the WiFi card is not able to work at the same time as my ethernet cable is plugged in. So unfortunately you don't have many options, and it may be even possible that you're the only one with this problem!

    Nevertheless, when you turn on your computer, press F8 until you see th page with options to boot into safe mode and stuff. If that doesn't work, you could try running Linux to back up your files and then reinstall Windows. Good luck dude!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daipe View Post
    and it may be even possible that you're the only one with this problem!
    Billions of computers out there... I dobut his problem isn't the first time it's been encountered. Plus as long as the PC is for regular use, the odds of it having a problem that's never been encountered in human history before seems damn slim. this is why i've been able to trouble shoot my own computer, just by knowing how to use google and reading.. which pretty much translates to (I only know how to fix computers from reading)

    It's kind of like this.

    YouTube - Good Will Hunting Harvard Bar Scene

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    I found out what it was.

    daemon tools was being a bastard and kept crashing my system, uninstalled and moved over to MagicISO's magic disc. no problems now.

    Who Crashed is an amazing application for future reference to people looking at this thread.

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    LOL! You know I was going to reply to this the other day and ask if you had that installed and forgot to do it I've seen it cause too many crashes lately.

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