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Thread: The End of Diapers?

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    Default The End of Diapers?

    I was watching some show on History and some expert was talking about the end of oil. As you are well aware the united states uses around 8 billion gallons of oil every day. Most of it from the middle east. The end of oil may be coming in the nest few decades. Even closer the end of cheap oil and a peak of the oil. A clear liquid is extracted from crude oil and that is converted into plastic. All disposable diapers are made largely of plastic. Many of us grew up using disposable diapers and that may be coming to an end. Not just diapers but everything plastic could see a sudden drop in production. Will diapers be one of the products that is needed from oil or are medical supplies more important? Are we as a world going to have to go back to using cloth diapers. But then what about the plastic covers? There are other alternatives to plastic pants but there are few alternatives to the plastic in disposables. Now that I've thought about it the whole civilizational change from plastic to disposable might make western mothers pay more attention to their children. Any thoughts comments or concerns?

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    There is a theory that there is unlimited quantities of oil, and if it weren't true, some alternative material would be used. If not, it is unlikely we'd run out in our lifetimes

    Besides. There's always cloth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy View Post
    Besides. There's always cloth.
    But cloth diaper is not good. Beside i dont have my own washing machine.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Coca Cola is already using 30% plant material in their plastic bottles. There are renewable substations for nearly every fossil fuel product. The limiting factor is the availability of the renewable items. For instance, ethanol is currently displacing 10% of our gasoline. However, we don't have the capability to go with 100% ethanol.

    Back to the subject of diapers. What is likely to happen as oil gets scarce us that the diaper backsheets will be made from a combination of renewable and petroleum sources -- like bottles are now.

    Of course, if our country starts really ramping up recycling efforts, that would help with re-using the plastic that is already in existence.

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    We have found more oil than the entire middle east possesses under Colorado and one of the Dakotas.
    Due to politics, we have not drilled.

    I, literally, believe we will not run out of oil in Human lifetime. None of us can tell, honestly.

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    As we transition away from oil, there will be a gradual shift in the ingredients used to make plastics. We are already seeing this, and it has slowly progressed over the years. This started decades ago with the recycling of plastics and the use of alternative additives inorder to us less petroleum products, in order to make plastics cheaper. In recent years it has progressed to the point of petroleum free plastics, and as we gradually move away from oil, we will gradually shift to petroleum free products. This happens at such a slow rate, that you wont even notice it unless your watching for it, and in the end of it all, you are not going to be able to tell a difference between the plastics anyway, it will take reading a label to tell what kind of plastic your using

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbabybret View Post
    Google oil free plastic...
    Not to be anal, but you would need to google "petroleum free plastic". Refined oil only being part of petroleum, might lead to confusion with google results.
    The oil used for plastics, threw chemical processes is always turned into other materials that are used for the plastic, so a person might have a rough time trying to figure out what a type of plastic is actually made with

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    Huggies now has Pure and Natural diapers. From what I understand these diapers have and organic cotton backsheet. They are more expensive however.

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    You realize, in a few states, namely Alaska, that there were huge amounts of oil discovered, but due to politics, were not drilled into. People are always finding new ways to replace materials as well.

    That aside, diapers won't come to an end if such discoveries are made like they were in Japan. Apparently, they turn used adult diapers into fuel now: Adult diapers in Japan turned into fuel | Crave - CNET

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