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    Default Question about Goodnites.

    I wonder if there is maybe a different absorbent material, or if there is any difference at all between Girls and Boys Goodnites, cause it seems when i have tried the girls ones for any time constantly, i get a rash, and they smell bad when wet. Does anyone know what the difference may be? Because Boys ones are just fine, nothing bad about them that I have experienced except leaks when they are real wet, and sit down, or sometimes ill still wet the bed with them.

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    Hm thats strang, i find the girls to be more absorbant only due to padding placement, have you tryed different packs of each and gotten the same results? I have used both girls and boys exept for the most recent girls style and havnt had a problem.

    It might just be a fluke with manufacturing?

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    Well, I've tried 2 different packs of the Girls, to the same results, They do seem more absorbent while being up on your feet, and boys, while laying on your stomach.

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    The girls ones have the most padding between the legs so they would probably be best standing/sitting, while the boys ones have the most padding up front so they're best laying on your stomach. As for the smell, maybe you have some really old packs of the girls ones that don't have odor control? Or maybe they're moldy or something if they got wet in the pack?

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