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Thread: Characters You Love!!

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    Default Characters You Love!!

    They can be from a movie, t.v. series, books, anime, manga, video games or the Sunday comics!! What are ones you like, have fallen in love with, adore & could not go an extended time without seeing or reading about!! If you can, tell where yours are from!!

    As you all know, I am a huge Gunslinger Girl fan, my avatar is of one of the girls from the anime/manga!! Her name is Claes & the other one I like from it is Henrietta!! I just love to see them when I watch or read Gunslinger Girl!!

    Also, other anime/manga ones I like are; Haruhi Suzumiya, Conan Edogawa & Amy from Case Closed, and Kagome from InuYasha!!

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    Yachiru from Bleach! Yayyyy her sence of direction and silly spunkyness and love for violence is very similar to my self :3.

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    Jack Sparrow from prates of the carribbean. if you don't believe me then look at my avitar, and then part of my signature.

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    Every single character from Arrested Development. Particularly Baxter Bluth.

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    I could make a big list of characters I love, mostly made up of villains and such, but right now I'm tired so I'll do it tomorrow.

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    Zidane from Final Fantasy IX, my current Avatar! He kicks ass with his thieve skills and air combat!

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