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Thread: one hundred pushups - who's with me?

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    Default one hundred pushups - who's with me?

    I've been looking to improve my upper body strength lately, and a friend recommended the one hundred pushups website. The idea is, you take an initial test and then based on the results of that test, you start off doing a few pushups spaced apart and, working on pushups three times a week, gradually build your upper body strength until you can do 100 at once.

    As I am pretty weak (I can do girly pushups though) I could only do a couple and wound up in the first level. So I started today, doing four sets of two pushups each, and then three pushups for the last set. It's not time-consuming and you can take breaks between the sets, so I'm hoping I won't have much reason to procrastinate. I'm not real optimistic about my ability to make it to 100, but I figure I can at least tone my arms some.

    So, anybody want to try this with me and share their progress? I find it easier to stick with these things when you know someone else is going to be asking you how it's going.
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    Sounds cool, I'll do it.

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    Sure, I'll start on Monday and do the program on Monday, Wendsday and Friday. I can do around 12-15 so i'll be a level 3.

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    I'd do it, but I can already do 100 push-ups in one go.

    I'll work on 200 though.

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    I'm in Daria, and I'm level 4...not too shabby for the old man on the block, though I don't think we want to make Happy Lurker mad at us. 100 is most impressive. I've been wanting to get back into some exercising, and this might help. I wonder if there is a site like that for sit ups. I used to be able to do 50 sit ups in 3 minutes. We had to do if for gym.

    By the way, two of our 3 kids went to Tech. Our son graduated in 97 or 98, can't remember, and our daughter graduated in 2001, and then taught English as a grad assistant the next two years. One of them must have been there when you went, though it's a big university. Go Hokies!

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    lol woho some one like me........but i will try it out.

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    I could give it a shot...I would suggest lifting weights a little bit too, since just pushups isn't much of a workout...

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    In the PE class at the school I was at we started off with 5 sets of 10 push ups then as the year went on we went to 10 sets of 10.

    In sit-ups we did like 150 at the end of the year. For the ones who could keep up anyways. I noticed a big change even half way into the school year, I loved that class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I could give it a shot...I would suggest lifting weights a little bit too, since just pushups isn't much of a workout...
    As if everyone had weights in their houses. >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    As if everyone had weights in their houses. >_>

    Well they are like...$5 for like 5lb ones...And you don't have to use official weights...But I'm just saying it can help...

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