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Thread: Diapered for the weekend

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    Default Diapered for the weekend

    I am wondering how many of my fellow ab/dl's plan on wearing diapers for the entire weekend?

    I have been in a diaper seance Thursday when i got home from work and showered, I have a 3 day weekend and plan on being diapered the entire time, any one else plan on being in diapers for the weekend and if so will you be staying home or wearing them out when you go places??????

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    I've certainly done it before, although I hadn't considered doing it this weekend. In the past when I've been 24/7, I'm out and about and active with diapers. Lately, I'll wear overnight, and then by the morning be ready to be out of them again, so I probably won't wear all weekend.

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    Haha. It's definitely been done before. I'm sure plenty of us have done it.

    As for myself, this weekend....that sounds like a good idea. xD Dunno if I actually will though.

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    I too have been diapered since i got home from work yesterday, and plan to stay this way all weekend. I go out and about with diapers on, and go shopping, and to friends houses.

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    Sometimes I do it all week other times like this week I only wear them for a day or two. I have worn them for full weekends a couple of times though.

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    At the moment i am, i'm not planning to all weekend, its just at the moment, when no ones in the house, i have the place all too myself.

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    I very likely will be padded all weekend. I just had to change, but not for the expected reason - I've been working on a computer here all afternoon and lots of crawling under the table etc, and I notice bits of white here and there - tore my diaper somehow. That makes a mess...

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    I like to be in diapers as much as i can over the weekend. Feels real nice all weekend long.

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    I just got a case of bambinos, so I plan to do it sometime this june. My parents are traveling 10 hours away from my house for about a week, so Im counting the days! Ive never been that long just wearing diapers before.

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    I've been wearing since yesterday afternoon and I plan to stay diapered until tomorrow night.

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