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Thread: The Old "where to get my diapers?" Question

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    Default The Old "where to get my diapers?" Question

    Just thought i'd ask your advice here, I thinking about getting up the corage to go a buy some diapers, but i wanna know what to get.

    The closest place i can think of is a local boots, what would you say is the best i can get there or is there a better place i should look. i live in the UK btw and can't buy online.

    Can anyone help. Thanks

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    Drynites (goodnites) are good if you can fit in them. They're pretty discrete and are a good place to start. I haven't been to the uk in several years so I don't remember what else boots has.

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    you'll have to do it old school styleeeee, like i did when i was younger. it's more of a challenge and thus more fun than doing it online.
    so, have a flick through the Yellow Pages and locate your local mobility and disability shops and just nip round or ring them to see what they've got. other outlets are those specialist pharmacies that sell surgical appliances, colostomy/osotomy and the such.
    as well as that, i suppose it'd be handy if there was a local supplier who had an online 'shop-front', but who sold mainly in the traditional way. something like that would probably be hard to find, if it exists, but may worth a rummage through the net.

    if you're going with the Boots option, don't buy their own brand inco goods; instead, they sell Depends pull-ups (of a gender specific kind) and they fit well and will catch a squirt and then gel. not as good a proper diaper, but they'll tide you over and are reasonably priced (10 per pack of 16 was the last i paid). the only problem is that the full range of sizes isn't available at all outlets, so you may have to try a couple of stores; the larger stores are obviously the better option.

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    I started with boots when I first started wearing. Have a look in your local Tesco / Sainsbury's. The first time I bought in a shop I was really embarrassed but to be honest no one even noticed.

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    Asda has some good quality diapers, well the one near me does so that could be a good option to try out. As for Boots go for the Depends or TENA, neither are great but the best you will probably find.

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