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Thread: Music for expressions of love

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    Default Music for expressions of love

    is it just me or do others enjoy singing to their partners (bf/gfs) to express their love... to me its the deepest form of expression

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    I may have not have ever had a gf in my life, but I also believe that music is the deepest form of expression to any circumstance or situation. Music has power to change things words alone do not have. Saying "I Love You" to your gf or bf is one thing, but mixing it up with music will bring on a whole new meaning to those words. This is why I plan on music being my whole life. My job, my hobby, and my love (Not my only love, but you get the point >.<).

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    i feel the same way and if i could i would have music as my job for it is my passion

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    I used to play guitar and sing to the woman who eventually became my wife. I'm sure she was amused....haha.

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