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Thread: Best feeling diapers?

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    Default Best feeling diapers?

    In this thread we will discuss the best feeling diapers we've tried! Dry and wet

    I've had my hands on some pretty great diapers, i've been so fortunate to have had tried Abena Abriform X-Plus, Bambino Bianco, Bambino Classico, Secure X-Plus, Slip Maxis, ABU Cushies and now Abriform Extras.

    In absolute feeling alone, in my honest most humble opinion, are Abenas by far. They feel so great and soft when worn dry, almost like a "normal" article of clothing and when wet, they are just fantastic!

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    i think molicares are the best-feeling diapers. there are other brands that i like better overall, but molicares are so soft and puffy, and they're stretchy in all the right places so that they fit just right and it feels like they're giving your butt a hug. ^.^

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    Funny you mention the Abenas and Bianco - just started wearing to work everyday (!! : ) and have been wearing mostly bambino Teddy's and biancos. The Biancos fit a little more snug than the teddys which is good at work, and I thought they were my favorite until I changed into an Abena this afternoon. Less crinkle (good for work) and feel fantastic! A wet teddy bambino could be at the top at home though (disposable anyway).

    Haven't tried the bigger molicares - just have the little day time ones which are pretty awesome for that (riding a bicycle without issues? sweet!)

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    I think the best feeling diapers are the Bambino and Secure X-Plus. in my opinion they are exactly like an old plastic baby diaper. They have the same plastic , same padding and same waist and leg elastic
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    Considering feeling: Tena Slip Maxi. They fit perfect dry and give me a wonderful feeling when getting wet. No other diaper feels like this.

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    I think a lot of the feel has to do with how you put them on. I'm at the top of medium size for most diapers, so I can wear a medium or a large, and can fit the large with the tapes down around the legs (for leakproofness) or toward each other in the front, and it totally changes how the diaper looks and feels. So one brand of diaper for me has three totally different feels. I like a little variety, and so I wear what/how I feel like wearing. One of those "I think tonight I'll..."

    I used to wear large at work but found that under a shirt the top would turn over and get uncomfortable, and that's hard to fix without a trip to the bathroom, so I wear just mediums at work. I used to wear the dry27 to work but found there was just a bit too much bulk to be comfortable. They're great at night though.

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    The best feeling that I have found is the Medline Restore, they come pre-coated with rash cream and have a baby lotion feel to them. They are cloth backed, expensive, and can only be bought by the case, but the "feel" is very unique. My second choice would be the Molicare Super Plus

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    Out of all of those that I have tried I think the Abena x plus is the best. Now this is just for feel mainly because of the bulkyness. They do absorb very well also but unfortunately the tapes, in my opinion, suck.

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    i just got a bag of abena x-plus yesterday and ive been pretty much diapered ever since. I have to say I always liked the fit of molicare until ive tried these. Theyre great,comfy and i dont think its possible to make them leak. i flooded time after time. I prefer the large even though my ideal size would be medium. i like my diapers to be high rise. Like above my belly button... the fit to me feels more babyish.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think the most comfortable diapers are Molicare Super-Plus. It's too bad they cost about $1.60/ea.

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