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Thread: Ugh! No wonder society thinks we're a bunch of sickos!

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    Default Ugh! No wonder society thinks we're a bunch of sickos!

    Check this out: YouTube - Police: Diapered Man Sends Teen Dirty Texts

    No wonder society thinks we're a bunch of freaks and sickos! This is disgraceful! Wow...

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    That's happened a million times before. But yes... I will agree with you.

    I think that if you really look you will find that every "community" has its malefactors... ne'er-do-wells... scoundrels... whatever you want to call them. Pedos, pervs, and sickos abound wherever you go.

    I just think it is wrong of the media to blatantly go and point out that the man was wearing diapers. If he had been wearing "normal" underwear would they have pointed that out too? I think not.

    The emphasis here needs to be on the man that sent the teen messages... not on what he was wearing.

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    I think I saw this before. He didn't know she was a teen, but it's still pretty screwed up. The people that do stuff like this always make us look bad.

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    I'm with you guys this is discusting and it gives us a bad reputation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    The emphasis here needs to be on the man that sent the teen messages... not on what he was wearing.
    That's what happens when reporters try to report on something they know nothing about. I could go off on a tangent about that subject , but I won't. It was the inappropriate messages sent to a teen that was the whole issue, not his preference for wearing a diaper.


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    if a media story wan't to be made sensationalist then they can be....
    though their just being moronic....

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    Seen that before, yeah. It does make ABs look bad, but we're not all bad. I know a lot of ABs personally, via IM and I have run into some really questionable ones. One just a few months ago that really offended me.


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    This is the same story from months ago right? Anyways I agree that its dumb but if anyone finds out I am a AB/DL I would love them to prove I did such things as this and prove that I am a sexual preadtor just for liking plushies and diapers.

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    Yes, I saw this quite a while ago, quite disgusting.

    Of course they are going to show this, and not talk about a decent community like ours. What's fun about a board with well behaved people who are, for lack of a better word, normal? No no, society would rather read about Hiedy Lynn who walks around in diapers, the Jerry Springer babies who want to be babies 24/7 and anyone else who is extremists.

    It's just like anything else, really. I know more about Lyndsay Lohan in rehab than I do about Angelina Jolies Charities.

    Everyone wants the bad, it's juicy, and it makes your life look better. It just hits us harder because our community is so small.

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