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Thread: Plastic Pants: Are they overated?

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    Default Plastic Pants: Are they overated?

    I've been thinking about whether I should get a pair of plastic pants or not, but do they feel the same as plastic backed diapers when you wear them? I've heard they handle leaks a lot better which would be great for when I'm trying different store brands like CVS, walgreens, etc. but I was wondering if anyone who has tried them or wears them could give me some info on some of the pros and cons of plastic pants before I actually bought a pair. Any info that anyone could give on plastic pants is appreciated. Thanks guys!

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    I've never used them but... they control leaks a lot better than just diapers. But the plastic heats up the area down there a lot, it traps body heat.

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    Yer, not that I've tried them, but from what I hear, the crinkly noise is increased (could be a pro or a con) and it traps in heat.

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    I suppose they could be a little helpful with disposables. The plastic is different from a plastic backed diaper (has to be, since these aren't meant to be thrown away after a single use), but they vary depending on the kind of pants you get. It's a personal taste thing.

    I don't really like them much with disposables as they additionally trap the heat which can work against the integrity of the tapes. Also, if there is a leak, there's nothing absorbant, it's just catching it, so it's strictly a short-term fix. I prefer to know the capacity of the diaper I'm using and not push it, but if you only have access to bad diapers, I guess they might help. If you ever wanted to try cloth (which are nice in their own way), you'll already have the pants handy.

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    Thanks Trevor, I'm not sure if I'll try cloth anytime soon (maybe when I'm living alone), the diapers I wear don't usually leak, if they do it's usually something I did (like not make sure the pampers size 7 I use as a stuffer wasn't sticking out from the outer diaper's leak guards).

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    I think that if you want to be able to wear your diapers a bit longer, then they would be very good, since they would hold in some leaks...If you're worried about the heat, then don't wear them where it's too hot...You should be fine wearing in your house without too much trouble with heat and such

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    I have some for use with my cloth diapers. I find them pointless with disposables. They are too warm and make me sweat. Plus any leaks they catch just stay in the pants until you change... then it runs out everywhere b/c there is nothing to absorb it.

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    They do work with disposeables, however they do cause excess moisture to collect on the outside of the diaper, and that makes the tapes let go alot quicker.

    I use them from time to time, I bought a whole bunch of cheap ones in medium and large from there a mail order place that sells household junk.

    But they do hold up good I put them through the wash and put them in the dryer, and only had to throw away a few, well worn pairs.

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    Thanks everyone, pojo that's exactly what I'm going to do (I figure my basement is the coldest and I usually sleep down there so I think I'll try it one night). Darkfinn, thanks I'm going to take them off in a tub or shower I just hope that if I have any leaks that they don't stain the plastic pants. Thanks for the info everyone, I'm gonna try getting some blue plastic pants. If I succeed, then I'll definitely post up pictures.

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