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Thread: Mesmerale has decided to start making Let's Plays

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    Default Mesmerale has decided to start making Let's Plays

    Alright, of all the things I'd come back from a 8 months hiatus for, it'd be this.


    For those who don't know what a Let's Play is. It's a video walkthrough (of sorts) of a game, with commentary and just general speech from the player included. They're very fun to watch.


    I'm officially making my Pokemon Red Let's Play. It will be part of a series, including every Pokemon game in the main run of things.

    Here are some of the reasons that you should watch it.

    1) No bullshit episodes. I'm not gonna just upload 15 minutes each time. These are full 1 hour episodes.

    2) It'll be interactive. The viewers will be able to make decisions about the game, such as what pokemon I use.

    3) It's fucking awesome and funny, and the people who have already viewed it seem to agree.

    4) You're all a bunch of little children anyway, so you should all love Pokemon.

    5) This is part of a "Nostalgia" thing that I've decided to do, and I'm sure most people here played Pokemon as "real" children, and would get the same nostalgic feeling that I've gotten.


    YouTube - Mesmerale's Channel
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    Pokemon! ^_^

    I subbed the channel, I can't wait for more.

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    Yay~ Go Mes~

    Waiting to see what we can vote on. I suggest Squirtle and Pidgey at the moment. Also go back and get a Caterpie so you can get your awesome debuffing Butterfree. You also forgot about route 22 (head towards Pokemon League thingie) where you get a battle with Greg and also there is Spearow and Mankey and Nidorans to catch. Out of them, I'd definitely like to see one type of Nidoran in your party. Pikachu is available in that forest, but I don't suggest trying to get him unless you or other people exceptionally want one. (I would of chosen Bulbasaur -- Yay~ Tentacles~)

    This is a really fun sounding thing to do. I want to Let's Play some of my favourite SNES RPGs~ I don't currently have a working microphone though >_< Hopefully my laptop is fixed soon...

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    You really really have made me want to do a Let's Play now. I'm thinking of doing Rudora no Hihou (Treasure of the Rudra).
    What program did you use to record? I'm a total nub when it comes to making videos.

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    Since you doing Let's Plays now....You want to do one of my SMB hack (when I get off my lazy ass and actually finish it >.> <.<.) after you get done with Red?

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    1) Please remember that I really don't care about this place anymore, and don't expect me to remember to reply anytime soon. For example - it's been a week now.

    2) Yeah, I lied about the "1 hour episodes" thing. They're just too long. We'll see what happens.

    3) Dream: I suck at SMB, and never even beat the original one... But sure, why the fuck not.

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