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Thread: Wanted to introduce myself and say "hi" from southern Illinois

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    Default Wanted to introduce myself and say "hi" from southern Illinois

    I am 23 years old. I live in a very small town in southern Illinois...notice I said southern Illinois so that means I am nowhere near Chicago. Actually as a matter of fact where I live is just about as rural and small town as you can get. There is absolutely NOTHING to do here at all. I mean for crying out loud I have to driv AT LEAST 30 minutes just to go see a movie! For a mall, and not even a decent one either just a mall of some sort, it's the same way AT LEAST 30 minutes more like a 45-1 hour drive. And if you want to get somewhere actually GOOD you can expect at least a 2 hour drive. But I've lived here all my life...born and raised here. And I am most definately looking, at this point in my life, to get the heck out! Out of this podunk town and preferably out of southern Illinois all together! As far as my personality and what type of person I am I am a fairly laid back person. It takes a lot to really get me good and ticked off. I do not like to argue very much, but when arguing or fighting does happen I do not yell or scream or throw things or break things or use violence at all. I am for the most part very calm. When I get extremely angry I walk away until I calm down and become more rational then I come back so we can talk things through. I am a very devoted person to my family, friends, and those that I love and care for. And in truth I'm a very devoted person to everything that I care about and feel passionate about. I always give 150% of myself no matter what. I'm very open minded and, within reason, will try just about anything at least once especially if it will make my man happy. And I am an open book so there really isn't anything that you could ask me that I won't give you a honest answer to. Unfortunately, and this fact depresses and saddens me among other horrible emotions, I am unemployed at the moment. I lost my job in October and due to a combination to the absolutely LOVELY job market and also to the fact that I can't drive at the moment due to me having a seizure in December I haven't found one yet. But I am not just setting idly day in and day out. I am still out there, even though I can't drive, and working my diapered butt off trying to find a job. I would love nothing more than to be able to go back to college and get my degree to further my education, career, finances, etc. But I have had the hardest time deciding what I want to earn my degree in. I have tried going to college many times with many different majors and none of them have worked out. So now I have just decided that for the time being at least I am goign to join the work force for a year or two till I can afford to go back to college in a couple years and hopefully by then I'll know better what I want to do as well. We'll just see. I'm a very diverse person so I my hobbies are very diverse as well but here is what I like to do...
    *Watch Movies
    *Watch TV
    *Listen To Music
    *Mess Around On The Internet
    *Play Around On The Computer
    *Blog (I have several blogs through about various things...I can provide you with links to them if you want)
    *Write Poetry (That's the subject of one of my blogs)
    *Write Stories (That's GOING TO BE the subject of another goal is to someday write a novel)
    *Take Myspace-esque Surveys (That's the subject of another one of my strange as it sounds it kinda relaxes me to fill out one of those stupid things)
    *Take Pictures
    *Look At and Go Through Old Pictures
    *Play With My Dogs
    *Go Shopping (When I Have The Means)
    *Go For Walks
    *Go For Drives In The Country
    *Go Out Of Town And Explore With My Friends
    *Watch Football/Basketball/Hockey/Wrestling
    *Play SOME Sports
    *Hang Out With and Talk With Friends
    *Cook and/or Bake
    I have a lot of interests and they are very all over the board.
    *Diapers...of course
    *Poetry (Both writing and reading)
    *Football (NFL HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers Fan...LOVE Troy Polamolu!)
    *Basketball (NBA HUGE L.A. Lakers Fan NCAA HUGE Duke Blue Devils Fan)
    *Hockey (NHL Anaheim Ducks Fan)
    *Wrestling (WWE Only...If you want to know my favorite superstars send me a message)
    *Massage Therapy (I give a killer massage)
    *Build-A-Bear Work Shop (I LOVE that place!)
    *Ducks (I collect them...I have A LOT of them)
    *Stuffed Animals (I collect them too)
    *Snow Babies (I collect them too)
    *Willow Tree Figurines (I collect these too)
    *Shot Glasses (No I don't drink but I still collect these have for a very long time like since I was a kid)
    Now as far as the diapers. I potty trained early, or so I've been told. But ever since I can remember I've been interested in/intrigued by/aroused by the thought of diapers, using diapers, and being babied by someone. Well as I got older I found that that never went away really, it just grew and matured...and when I was younger I got my "fix" so to speak by incorporating it into my playtime as much as possible in any way I could think of to do so. I would request to play the baby when playing house with my playmates and usually they would normally put me in either a fashioned diaper or some sort of pretend "diaper" and I would be babied. Occasionally I would even get to wet my diapers which I would absolutely LOVE and it would arouse me even at that young tender age. As I got older these thoughts never went away they stayed with me. Then when I got into jr. high in maybe 7th or 8th grade I got very sexually curious. So I took to the internet, and did things that looking back now kinda scare me and I know I should have done but I kinda am glad I did some of them. I went into chat rooms talking with other people and I would research as many sex related sites as I could just to satisfy my curiousity. Remember my childhood thoughts had never went away, they always stayed with me and by this time I was painfully aware that it was unaccptable to partake in that kind of stuff anymore and I was discouraged and saddened and kind of distraught. Well my research of sexual sites had turned more fetish related and one day I ran across a site that had significant ABDL content and I was instantly drawn to it. The more I looked at it the more I fell in love and knew this was my answer! So I did more research and found out everything I could about it. In high school was when I first experimented with it. I used being babied by a daddy as an escape from all the turmoil that was going on in my life at the time. I used online roleplaying with online daddies and make-shift diapers and it helped me survive high school and my teen years quite a bit.
    Now I still consider myself AB because of how much I enjoy being treated like a baby by a daddy, being in diapers, etc. But I also consider myself DL because using diapers and seeing others use their diapers (specifically messing) turns me on. Also I do not mind taking on the mommy role for the right guy so I kind of do a little bit of everything. Now as far as why I'm on this site, what I'm looking to get out of it, etc. I'm here to network and interact with like-minded people like me who have the same interests. I know this is a long post and I have rambled and if you've actually read all of this kudos and thank you but I just wanted to let you know who I am. If you want to know more I am an open book so just let me know and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. Thanks for reading .

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC from one small town guy to another (I, for one, also loathe it when people ask me if I'm near Philly/Pittsburgh... I have at least 1.5-2 hours to get there... On a good day!)

    You're also a Steelers fan? Me too! They better take the superbowl this year... Wait no, of course they're gonna take the superbowl.

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    Hey there, not going to lie, I pretty much skimmed :P. Good introduction though from what I read. What genre(s) of movies are your favorite? What are some of your favorite T.V. shows? And lastly, as you like to cook/bake, any cuisine that is your favorite?

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    Well this is the longest intro I've read. quit detailed, thx for the insight into Hicksville.
    I to am in the same boat. 30 min drives to anywhere, 1.5/2 to nicer places.
    But I live in N. IL. (AKA W.B.N.)

    Welcome to ADISC, I hope to (see) you around.

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    To BlueStar0718-I know! Just because your state has a huge city in it doesn't automatically mean you're from that big city or in the immediate vacinity of that big city. I hate it when people automatically assume that. And yeah I'm a big Steelers fan...I LOVE Troy Polamolu! I REALLY want a Polamolu jersey! I got a Steelers body pillow and the Polamolu Christmas tree ornament for Christmas this year though! But I agree they had better take wait they WILL take it I have faith in my Steelers!

    To Coyote_Howl-lol yeah I fully realized that I wrote a really long intro so I appreciate that you even took the time to open it and look at it and reply. But as far as my favorite genres of movies I prefer action, comedy, horror (some...not all), and cartoon/children if I had to pick favorites because most of my favorite movies of all time have came from those genres...and those are the genres that I enjoy watching the most. Some of my favorite T.V. shows are all 3 WWE shows (yes I know but it's my version of the soap opera lol), Big Bang Theory, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Bleep My Dad Says, Hell's Kitchen, Cake Boss, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Destination Truth, Sanctuary, Family Guy, The Penguins of Madagascar, Untold Stories of the E.R., Invader Zim, TUFF Puppy. And as far as cooking/baking I really like mexican and italian food the best that seems to be my favorite to create and consume both I just all around enjoy them.
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