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    Does anyone know if the site DL-Boy is good, I don't want to sign up yet, because they require pictures to approve your account,

    has anyone used it ?

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    I haven't heard of it before the post, but upon a quick inspection it looks as if it's primarily a photo exchange site (probably why they want photos in the approval process). Take a good look at the TOS and AUP (Terms of Service; Approved Upload Policy) as there may be loop holes for your pictures to be disclosed without your approval. As with any new site you may have to do a little research to see if they are friendly and legit.

    I'm just a paranoid person though. There may be other's here on ADISC that have been there or are members and like it. The question you asked is very good and I'd await other responses before making the final decision.

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    DL-boy has been around a long time, and a lot of people are on it, including my BF. I'm not on there presently, but te impression I get is that it's a site for people who are comfortable and open about their abdl status. At any rate, I know it's legitimate.

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    ya it's legit. You don't have to have a face pic that I know of - I don't have one on there. It's mostly Euro and no girls on there. Lots of umm.... hard core pics too. The only ppl that ever msg'd me on there wasn't really for chatting/friends either. I hardly go there anymore but I won't say it's a bad place. It's just not for me.

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    been a member for over 10 years great site

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    I've signed up on there now, it seems good, I'm not into girls and I live in Europe (the uk) so that's all good for me

    I've had some messages people seem nice, with some luck I might find a bf there

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitsiulla View Post
    It's mostly Euro and no girls on there.
    I just looked at their user agreement and it says "DLBOY is only for GAY men that is 18+ years." So the no girls rule makes sense. Unlike a certain other website we all love to hate.

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