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    Well, I'm not really good at introductions, but I know many members here would like one, so here goes nothing!
    I'm "technically" a high-school dropout, but I'm plenty inteligent, and I am working diligently towards my GED and then I'm going to begin taking college courses here in my home-town until I'm old enough to actually enroll in a university.
    At first numerous teachers did several dozen tests with me to find out if I was retarded or not, but it actually turned out that my Inteligence Quotient was highly above college level, and that the reason I didn't fit in with high-school was because the work was too boring, and there were too many distractions, so then they tried putting me in a "special-class" where everyone began teasing me for being a "nerd," because I actually have to wear diapers for enuresis. I guess they all have to have their little cliques and pecking orders or whatever, for stereotypical "nerds" such as myself, and then i just said enough, and dropped-out with the goal in mind of getting my GED, and now I'm going to college at the age of 16. Yahoo!
    Right now, I'm working for a Freighting buisness, which just happens to be owned by my father. He was really pleased that I was actually trying to make an effort, so he hired me and just paid me under the table when I work for him. Now he doesn't think I'm so weird, despite the Teen-Baby thing (he knows that I'm an infantilist), and he also knows that I'm a vampire. Seriously. That's another reason why high-school didn't really work out with me. Let me explain:
    Vampires are not what the appear to be in folklore and myths; we don't have fangs, we're not immortal, and we don't feed on blood! We absorb the vital-energy of others via a psionic method. You can find out more at The Psychic Vampire Resource and Support Pages-Home Page.
    I don't really care to waste my whole introduction on explaining that, sorry.
    My interests in infantilism have been with me ever since I can remember, and I told my parents a year ago, and they took it quite well, mainly because my mother is sixty years old; meaning she was a full-blown hippie when she was a teenager, and many people had cast her out of groups, too, and my father has a lot of weird friends of his own.
    Among some of my "non-infantile" interests are parapsychology, martial-arts, combat shooting, metaphysics, reading, writing, drawing, exercising, free-running, swimming, engineering/inventing, and chess. My dad is also interested in many of the things I am too, such as the martial-arts and military training techniques; he won't admit it, but he also is interested in parapsychology, too, but he doesn't fully understand the whole vampire thing, so he doesn't like to talk about it, because he gets freaked out.
    My mother, on the other hand, is highly interested in it, and is very open in talking about metaphysics and vampirism, (again, this is most likely due to her Hippie-Days)!
    I feel my main purpose in coming to this support community, is because I feel it would be highly beneficial to my mental wellbeing if I were able to discuss my infantilistic personality and questions, to those who also have the same interests; just as I do when deciding on which topics to discuss with my parents, (combat, or psionics).
    Well, I guess that's my introduction, peace out!

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    Hi there, welcome to ADISC. This is just a super quick reply because it's bedtime for me!

    That was a super intro, just one word of advice, it's a lot easier to read massive amounts of texts if you break your paragraphs with an extra lines spacing like I do. It just splits it up a bit easier, and since people are reading on all sorts of different media (I-pads, wiis, netbooks, mobile phones) the easier we can make it for others the better

    Aside from that, well done

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    Cool, thanks! I was pretty nervous about it!

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