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    My name is Samaki or Aranxx or Joe, Joe being my real name. I came hear because my friend blakers, well I guess he's called baby blakes or blakes baby or something on here, well he showed me this site. I noticed how nice of a community you guys were and how you all were so helpful to each other, and I really miss that. I have many problems I could use help on but I also would LOVE to help other people to. I'm gay but haven't publicly come out to anyone yet, except for a few select people.

    I do write some but not much, my devart is in my siggy.

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    Glad to see you joined ^_^

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    Welcome to ADISC, Joe. ^^ I think I speak for all of us when I say we're all ready to help anyone who needs it. And you guys are lucky for being such close friends. =o

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    So... you're not a TB or a DL? Or incontinent?

    Well, as long as you accept us for who we are... welcome! Have fun, hehe.

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    no im not and i pretty much accept anyone as who they are XD I dislike all people who hate someone just for who they are.

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    thanks for all the welcomes guys I hope to be a bit more active soon, I've been kinda busy, talking with people and having my aunt and uncle over XD

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