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    Default Acne

    How does everyone deal with it??

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    wash your face once a day with soap and water. If that doesn't work, then go to the drugstore and buy some cheap acne meds/facial wipes. If that doesn't work (and I'm talking you still have several pimples 24/7), then go see a dermatologist. Personal experience. Acne is caused by oil and junk in the pores clogging them up, so washing helps get rid of it and prevent it. If you just got a pimple or two though, don't worry, people your age prolly won't care too much.

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    It's not entirely a big deal, so if it's there, it's there.

    I simply wash, and if I spot one that is actually.. you know.. large, then I wash and scrub it. That's how you take care of your face and body, to keep acne and such away.

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    Are we talking like acne as in the real medical condition, or acne as in 'oh no I've got a spot, it's acne!' acne?

    Cos if it's real acne you need to get yourself to the doctors/dermatologist pronto to avoid scarring. If it's just a silly spot then eat less junk food, wash your face more, and if that still isn't helping then go and get some tea tree and witch hazel stuff from the chemist. It's awesome

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    I have pretty bad acne, and I just use proactive when I shower every morning. Other than that, I ignore it. If you have acne as a teen, it is no big deal.

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    Everyone's advice is good, washing your face twice a day or so helps a lot. I have been using those medicated wipes with much success. If it is really bad, please go to a dermatologist. I never did, and I have some ice pick scaring on my face.

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    Salicylic Acid, can you dig it? I usually wash twice a day with grapefruit scrub and if I have a fuck-ton-baddy, I crush an aspirin, mix it with a little bit of water to make a paste, and put it on there at night. Little mofo is usually gone by the morning. Also, if you have scalp acne (I get it at my hairline, which nobody ever sees, but yeah.), use a dandruff shampoo with salicylic acid in it. Maybe it just works for me because of my oily hair.

    For redness (which I still have because of hormonal issues), find an anti-inflammatory or hydrating product FOR YOUR FACE that's hypo-allergenic and goes on lightly. Also, never touch your face and wear gloves or sanitize your hands before washing. Also, my skin has always been affected by what I eat, but I'm also super sensitive to eggs, dairy, and wheat (also known as every food ever besides steak). For the average teen, though, you still shouldn't be eating the crap that is in most foods, but your diet won't affect your acne a lot. But crap-tons of water always helps.

    If you have long hair, keep it back while you're sleeping and change your pillow cases OFTEN. Especially if you sleep face-down, because the nasty bacteria can really get to your pores that way. I suggest flipping the pillow every night and washing the case every other day. Then just put a fresh one on and your acne should be reduced. (I've also heard of sleeping on a towel.)

    If you're a boy, I suggest looking into girls' facial-care guides. I know, it sounds weird, but it works. And like Talula said, Witch Hazel and Tea Tree. I treat different types of spots with different things because my skin is weird as hell. Sometimes I get the 'ohgod dry skin' acne, and sometimes I get the nasty oily whiteheads and blackheads. Oh the joys of never truly feeling like a young adult. I'll have extended acne and menopause before I'm 30 because I'll end up getting a hysterectomy. Thank you world.

    If you have scarring, Vitamin E and pinpointing the scar treatments have worked for me.

    Learn your own skin and learn what works for you. Your chemistry is different from another person's, so don't get discouraged if one treatment doesn't work. Try and try again.

    Quote Originally Posted by datosprivados View Post
    wash your face once a day with soap and water.
    Just make sure you're not allergic to it. I can barely even use most soaps on my body, nonetheless my face.

    And PS: If you go to a dermatologist, dear lordy don't get Accutane. I've heard so many horrible things about it. (If you were a girl, I'd suggest birth control if you have no reproductive issues like me. Steady periods, acne reduced; two birds with one stone.)

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    I have it bad too.

    Well not so much now that iv gone on some anti biotic and special cream after seeing the derm

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