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Thread: Society Says... All males are bad!

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    Default Society Says... All males are bad!

    EDIT: D'aww, looks like someone already made this thread. Maybe next time I should look first... D:

    So I'm looking into renting a room for when I move this summer. And you know what pisses me off? When I see ads with "I prefer a FEMALE tenant/room mate due to I am a female and for safety reasons."

    You know. Because just the fact alone that I have a penis means that I'm a convicted sex offender.... right?

    Here's a relevant article - and a good read: Lenore Skenazy: Eek! A Male! -

    Here's a quote:

    Last week, the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, Timothy Murray, noticed smoke coming out of a minivan in his hometown of Worcester. He raced over and pulled out two small children, moments before the van's tire exploded into flames. At which point, according to the AP account, the kids' grandmother, who had been driving, nearly punched our hero in the face.


    Mr. Murray said she told him she thought he might be a kidnapper.

    And so it goes these days, when almost any man who has anything to do with a child can find himself suspected of being a creep. I call it "Worst-First" thinking: Gripped by pedophile panic, we jump to the very worst, even least likely, conclusion first. Then we congratulate ourselves for being so vigilant.

    Consider the Iowa daycare center where Nichole Adkins works. The one male aide employed there, she told me in an interview, is not allowed to change diapers. "In fact," Ms. Adkins said, "he has been asked to leave the classroom when diapering was happening."

    Now, a guy turned on by diaper changes has got to be even rarer than a guy turned on by Sponge Bob. But "Worst-First" thinking means suspecting the motives of any man who chooses to work around kids.

    Maybe the daycare center felt it had to be extra cautious, to avoid lawsuits. But regular folk are suspicious, too. Last February, a woman followed a man around at a store berating him for clutching a pile of girls' panties. "I can't believe this! You're disgusting. This is a public place, you pervert!" she said—until the guy, who posted about the episode on a website, fished out his ID. He was a clerk restocking the underwear department.

    Given the level of distrust, is it any wonder that, as the London Telegraph reported last month, the British Musicians' Union warned its members they are no longer to touch a child's fingers, even to position them correctly on the keys? Or that a public pool in Sydney, Australia last fall prohibited boys from changing in the same locker room as the men? (According to the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, the men demanded this, fearing false accusations.)

    What's really ironic about all this emphasis on perverts is that it's making us think like them. Remember the story that broke right before Christmas? The FBI warned law-enforcement agencies that the new Video Barbie could be used to make kiddie porn. The warning was not intended for the public but it leaked out. TV news celebrated the joy of the season by telling parents that any man nice enough to play dolls with their daughters could really be videotaping "under their little skirts!" as one Fox News reporter said.

    This queasy climate is making men think twice about things they used to do unselfconsciously. A friend of mine, Eric Kozak, was working for a while as a courier. Driving around an unfamiliar neighborhood, he says, "I got lost. I saw a couple kids by the side of the road and rolled down my window to ask, 'Where is such-and-such road?' They ran off screaming."

    Another dad told me about taking his three-year-old to play football in the local park, where he'd help organize the slightly older kids into a game. Over time, one of the kids started to look up to him. "He wanted to stand close to me, wanted approval, Dad stuff, I guess. And because of this whole 'stranger danger' mentality, I could sense this sort of wary disapproval from the few other parents at the playground. So I just stopped going."

    And that's not the worst. In England in 2006, BBC News reported the story of a bricklayer who spotted a toddler at the side of the road. As he later testified at a hearing, he didn't stop to help for fear he'd be accused of trying to abduct her. You know: A man driving around with a little girl in his car? She ended up at a pond and drowned.

    We think we're protecting our kids by treating all men as potential predators. But that's not a society that's safe. Just sick.
    Just some food for your thought. It's completely true... and it's not right .

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    D'aww, looks like someone already made this thread. Maybe next time I should look first... D:

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    Wwa'd, people just don't like me because I'm too fat. Too fat to be fat. I go the other way and just get dense, which works nicely because the dense fat becomes something like metal and when I punch people they go "brass knuckles are illegal to use, man!" and I just strut off making dents in the pavement wherever I go.

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    As a society, we don't advance as much as we'd like to think. Sadly, living in Virginia, it becomes painfully obvious how stupid the majority of the population is. Most people are terribly prejudiced, not so much about race as about everything else.

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