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Thread: Ohhh imma be 21 tomorrow

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    Smile Ohhh imma be 21 tomorrow

    Yes, as the title says my 21st birthday tomorrow. I have a test tomorrow morning, then going to work, and my co-workers (small office) are taking me out to dinner.

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    thats the big one, have fun, and dont get too hammered

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    Thumbs up 21 now!

    Happy Birthday Powderhair from down under, (one of the dry parts). Here in Australia you are already 21! Enjoy!

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    Happy Birthday! I'm 21 in 3 months or so, maybe about 2....bad with math, when is April 4'th

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    Happy b-day powderhair hope to see more vies soon

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    Happy Birthday, Powderhair! Enjoy this milestone!

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    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy yourself for sure ^_^.

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    lucky....i've got another 9 or so months to go till i'm 21 =(

    but enjoy being 21. I'll just be sitting here....being twenty....and not old enough to drink.

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