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Thread: Pacifier question

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    Default Pacifier question

    Aight....i got's a question and i think this would be the right place for it, but anyway: should i go out and buy one of these from a store that sells pacifiers or buy online using one of those prepaid visa's? And which way is cheapest and is easier to hide?

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    Depends what you're looking for. NUK 5's are only available online, but they are the size specifically made for adults and what not. The largest size you can get now I believe, assuming you go to a store, is like a size 3 or something, which is made for young children. So it honestly depends. It's by far cheaper to buy a store one, but you may not get what you're looking for considering size. As for hiding, if you order online, it's easy to hide if you can calc the delivery and all that. Hiding them in the house is easy enough though.

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    First of all, decide where to hide it. Somewhere in YOUR room, that you can easily get to, and put away in a flash. An old thing that's been there for a long time works well.

    Now, if you can both order online or get to a drug store easily by yourself, then here are your purchase options.

    If you don't mind a smaller nipple, then get either a nuk 3 silicone animal face$p-100/animal-face-pacifier.aspx

    Or latex classic

    NUK Classic Latex BPA Free Pacifier, Size 3, Single Pack, Colors May Vary:Amazon:Baby

    Personally, the silicone has a longer teat, so id go for that one as it stays in your mouth better. They're both 7$ for 2.

    There's also nuk genius which everyone loves aparrntly

    nuk genius - Google Search

    I think it's 5$ for one in latex or silicone

    The other brand is mam

    Go for the 6+ month, any guard type. They're mostly the same. About 5$ each, 9$ for 2

    Soothers | MAM Baby Products - Design & Innovation - BPA-free

    Just note the soft version guard dosnt mold to your face, but it does have teething surfaces.

    Also, maybe try the mam perfect 6+, everones curious about it. Not sure about price.

    MAM Perfect

    Nuk's have been in every drug store I've been to, but go to the largest store for most selection

    Mam ive seen only at lawtons drug mart.

    If you want a nuk 5, then here's a site everyone seems to order off. It's expensive tho.


    You chose any guard, and it comes with a nuk 5 nipple. They take credit cards, so I think they'll take prepaids.
    They're about 30$ each tho.

    Nuk 5 is much bigger. If you want to suck on it, then get one. If you want to chew on the Paci, show it off then get a baby Paci.

    You will have to intercept your mail, by checking when it will come if you get it online. If this is easy, then go for it, even if you just want a cheap Paci, you can order them on eBay or amazon or something.

    If you go to a store you will have to get there and back to the store by yourself. Bring a backpack or anything with pockets to hide it in. Tips- make sure you know exactly what brand and type you want, and what the packaging looks like. Also have 2 or 3 next favorites to chose from (of other brands) and what those packagings look like.

    Go straight to the baby aisle, get it and go pay. Don't get anything else unless you actually need it, and don't wander around aimlessly. Check you have enough cash (bring 10$, don't get caught short) and go pay.

    Get home, go to your room and hide it.

    Good luck! Be sure to post a review here when you get it!

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    I actually went out and bought some today at myself two nuk 3's I think is what they are and i kinda am liking it so far....though i've only been using for like maybe five minutes....but the sqeeky sound it makes as it goes over my teeth is kinda annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joemaster240 View Post
    I actually went out and bought some today at myself two nuk 3's I think is what they are and i kinda am liking it so far....though i've only been using for like maybe five minutes....but the sqeeky sound it makes as it goes over my teeth is kinda annoying
    I had no idea it would squeak! =S But again, I am deaf so I can't hear. lol.

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    Default squeak's a bit as it rubs against your teeth. but it is quite quiet though.

    i've now been using it for a good hour or two....and i'm loving it! Though i just made a sandwich and am debating if i really want to eat it or suck on my new paci....decisions decisions.
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    I just wanted to hear where I can get the Nuks with Animal face in Silicone in size 3



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    You can get a plain white Nuk 5 for about $20 shipped on ebay. That's the cheapest place. Amazon has them too for a bit more, even some modified ones. I find that the large nipple really makes it a more satisfying experience but my friend actually likes smaller baby and toddler sized ones.

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    I want to get a nuk 5 but a friend of mine whose dad is a dentist told me that using a pacifier as an adult messes up your teeth makes the top ones bend out and the bottom ones bend down. How long have you guys been using them how frequently and have you noticed a change in your teeth?

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    As long as you don't sleep with it in don't worry!

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