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Thread: Hello, its a pleasure to meet you.

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    Default Hello, its a pleasure to meet you.

    hello I’m new, um my personality is caring/teasing person, I like to help people, I have a paper route and volunteer at the library…I read a lot.

    I don’t have an interest in diapers however I have a friend who likes them…I see nothing wrong with that.

    Um, I am a wannabe gamer. I’m currently trying to write three book series. And I try to snowboard, I do enjoy it but I’m not that good at it . I also tend to doodle in my spare time.

    Hm…well my friend invited me here and he’s a good guy, he admited that he liked diapers(to each his own), and since he asked me to join well since I’m friends with him that’s why I joined.

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    Hey dragonridr! :3

    That was a good introduction (muuuuuuch better than the ones we get most of the time). What kind of books do you like? What games do you play? Anything you like to doodle specifically?

    Also, if you have any questions, just give me a shout. I've known your friend for a while now, so I'm sure that we can become friends as well


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    Welcome to the site, need I say more?
    And I'm very glad with what you said about me. All of it.

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    Welcome to the site! I am a gamer and snowboarder also. What kinds of games do you like, and where do you like to "shred"?

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    Wow! Nothing can compare with having that kind of a good friend. I hope you will enjoy the site. Fortunately we are more than just diapers and get into some good (or heated) discussions on a wide variety of topics. Anyway, you have my respect for accepting your friend and supporting him in such a way.

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    Welcome!! And a special shout out too! I'm also from the Soo!

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