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Thread: Changing bag

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    This might seem quite random question but does anyone have a changing bag.

    I'm really lucky and do.

    I have a little bag that I can keep in my rucksac when I am out. It used to be the bag we used for our boys when they were babies so it is really handy.

    What do u have in yours?

    I have ...

    2 Lil fit nappies
    1 emergency pull-up
    Nappy bags

    When relatives who don't know I'm incontinent ask I say it is the boys.

    Does anyone want to be my friend?

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    I use a normal back pack with a normal days worth of diapers plus 2 just in case, Basicly anything a baby has in a diaperbag exacpt for bottle paci's and food.

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    My diaper bag is a Messenger bag that includes:
    About maybe 10 diapers
    5 Pullup style diapers
    Plastic bags
    Ziploc Bags
    A change of clothing

    Also if you want, PM me. Il be your friend :P

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    I just started wearing to work, so my messenger bag with my laptop has also included a couple of biancos lately. Wear recreationally (not 24/7) so don't have the additional supplies. We'll see what else I may need.. : )

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    I bought a powder pink baby diaper bag one day just for fun. There's even a little tag inside that says "pretty baby". I know I couldn't get away with carrying that around with me, though.

    I guess you would need a bag if you were going to be wearing in public. But, I haven't taken things that far yet. I sure would like to, but I haven't found a way to make it work for me.

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    I use a Laptop case, i can fit
    20 Pampers size 6
    Baby Lotion

    And yes lets be friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vizkiz View Post
    A change of clothing
    I'm surprised that's not a more popular answer...

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    I use a normal baby diaper bag for baby but into one of them one look like a camera bag for those dads doesn't want a diaper bag look now parents can buy.

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    I carry around some pull ups in my backpack when I go to class, just in case.
    I don't carry around any cream or stuff like that.
    Next time I see my daddy, I want to prepare a diaper bag that we will carry around when we're out.

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