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Thread: ShyGuy sayin' "What's up?"

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    Default ShyGuy sayin' "What's up?"

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    Hi! You won't offend anybody who needs diapers for medical purposes, most of the people on this site (emphasis on most, not all) don't need them either.
    The fantasy stuff- that's fine so long as you don't post fap fantasy stories.
    All your intro details is your interest in diapers, and they're pretty common here. What are you non-*bdl interests? Hobbies? Sports?
    Once again, welcome, and look forward to seeing you around.

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    Welcome, Mr. vanBuren,

    As OmegaOne has said, while your intro is certainly filled with details about your interests in diapers, that's not really all we're looking for in an intro. Indeed, I would suggest you take a look at this thread, which is a little guide on writing a great intro. We care much more about the person in the diaper that we do about the diaper ^^

    I also have another question for you. I'm actually a little bit confused by a part of your introduction. You state that you hope that you liking to wear diapers would not offend them for other purposes, yet you state in your profile that you are incontinent. Do you think you could clarify that bit for me?
    You also state you're a student. What exactly are you studying?


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    I have dl turnon fantasies too, but am fine with not airing them here or trying to get others to say things through this venue or its chat to "get me going." There is no reason to be nervous about being here and joining the merry throng: assisting others with their difficulties, answering their questions, bolstering their confidence, discussing what's on their mind; or just making them feel better above the waistline.

    This site has a defined scope and makes the most of it; and where you find the border closed, other sites that do cater to what we don't are a quick click away.

    What makes you nervous? You heard we are unwelcoming? Nothing is further from the truth, as long as you know what Adisc is about and act appropiately; and we love to help you learn what that is all about; just reading onsite will speak for itself.

    If you are nervous about being attacked treated hurtfully including being mocked or flamed, I assure you this is the safest place to come, of any that talk about the padded life.

    If you are just nervous, period, about admitting to people you enjoy diapers: well, you came to the right place. We won't ask you on dates, target product advertising at you, or foist sexual material at you. We will provide a nurturing, caring environment, you can explore at your own pace, and decide for yourself who is most fun to be around. By the same token, please excuse us if our (admitted) enthusiasm for padding is more muted than exuberant: we all wear, that's a given, and is why we focus on the other stuff that makes you you.

    As to what the "IC" in your profile means - that's up to you, and you don't need to elaborate if you don't want... It might be part of a fantasy persona under which you post; it might be a just-at-night-thing, it might be an urge incon problem: where you get short notice to go and have accidents sometimes; I am just saying, I am not asking! Many people post as though they were other-gendered, other-specied... What we do frown on is conflicting information between parts of your identity. Stating you are Apples is fine; so is stating you are Oranges; it's when you state you are Apples and Oranges little bells go off. This is because consistency of an identity is important here: it is a part of us caring about the you in the diaper: it matters because you matter.

    If a person asks for support, - advice, information, reassurance - I care that I am helping a real person even if I don't care that the real person is misrepresenting the gender they were born with or whether their heart belongs to girls or boys.

    If you say why you are nervous we'll avoid pressing buttons that hurt; we'll not mock your Christianity or your lack of it. We sure as hell won't make fun of your diapers or expose you in rl or any such thing!
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