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    I thought I would make a thread for people to post android apps that they like.

    Here is my list.

    First I would have to say my fav. app would be ShoutOUT
    It tells you who your text message is from and you can set it to read out the text. You can also speak to text back.

    Second is going to be HandCent SMS.
    To me this app is by far the best texting application on the android market.

    Third is z4root.
    This app will root your phone for you. Makes the process of rooting very simple

    The Forth and last app i love is XBOX Live Statistics.
    Its like have your xbox live dashboard on your phone. See who's on ever send messages.

    Download QR's


    Handcent SMS

    z4root- I couldn't find a QR so here is the link to the XDA forum for download
    [APP] z4root - root android in one click from an app - xda-developers

    XBOX live

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    I use;

    youversion by which was free

    NIV Bible by Tecarta, Inc. which I paid $6 for and think is well worth the money

    Notepad which was free

    MP3 Ringtone Maker by LuckyEva which was free

    and a few games apps like solitaire.

    I have a friend who wants me to download the twitter app and use it to keep updated on current events and NASA updates like space weather, but I'm not sure I want to be a twit just yet.

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    I have a Verizon HTC Incredible.I am a cheepie, so I like free apps.
    Apps I like
    Battery doctor- helps you maximize your battery life.
    Fruit slice- knock off of fruit ninja
    Radiou- listen to my favorite radio station anywhere I have phone service.
    The vOICE for Android- my newest app, meant for the blind/low vision, has a talking compass, color ID and all sorts of neat stuff.

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