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Thread: AB/DL Caretaker

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    Default AB/DL Caretaker

    Hello pplz,

    My boyfriend told me about infantilism since October 2010 and we have done some things since then.
    But he want's me to have more to do as a caretaker. So my question is; What things can I do as a caretaker?
    I've read him a few stories from a childbook when he was wearing a diaper en lying next to me and I let him make a drawing for me.



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    Well you can treat him as if hes a baby. Feed him, bath him, diaper him, etc etc etc. However, youu should be comfortable with doing it and so should he. Theres a wide variety of things you can do! Also, Welcome to ADISC

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    I would like some more ideas that are also fun for me to do. But indeed I've never fed him before. But as I never took care of a baby before I have no idea what babies do:P

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    I would like to do things like feeding him and stuff, But since I am pretty new in this area I would like to hear some other great ideas I can try!

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    What things have you done already?

    Oh, and respect to you for your open-mindedness!

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    You could watch cartoons with him, for instance I watch Sonic with my girlfriend, we also have gotten out some old VHS Disney movies and watched those. That would be entertaining for you and him.

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    I am sure it depends on the baby. But you could let him play with toys and watch him play. You could coo at him. You could put him down for a nap. You can definitely feed him (play the airplane game with the spoon). I don't know how comfortable with this that you are... but if you are very comfortable you could breastfeed him (or pretend). You can definitely bottle feed him. You can play peek a boo. You can give him a bubble bath and make sure he has plenty of bath toys. You can make him stay in bed until you let him get out. You can do many things.... and make sure you give much comfort to him!

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    Maybe you can find out a little more by asking him simple questions when he's being little. Make them short and yes/no questions such as "Do you need..." and "Would you like..." Hopefully he will help guide you a little by answering such questions.

    Other than that I have only this to say: Cuddling can lead to tickling, which leads to giggling, which is fun for everybody.

    Although, this thought just occurred to me. Are you looking for games of a more sexual nature? Just curious...

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    For him it is offcourse sexual, but not for me. It's just for having some more fun for me aswell

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