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Thread: Question about wearing in public.

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    Default Question about wearing in public.

    Okay i've got a quick question: if i wanna try wearing out in public and i'm wearing the walgreens cloth disposible's is it a good idea to wear underwear or boxers over them? Or would i be okay with just the diaper on do you think?

    Cause i'm planning on going out maybe to my bank and walmart on the city bus. And i'd really like to try going out in public with a diaper on at least once and now seems like a good time to try....but i definitely don't want to get caught.

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    Underwear/boxers can reduces the crinkling sound they make also tucking in or wearing a long shirt help keep it hidden as well

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    These are the cloth covered ones so crinckling isn't really an issue luckily ^_^
    but aside from that if i wear jeans a belt and a fairly long shirt i should be okay right?

    okay....i'm horribly nervous about this but it's time for me to get going....though i could still use the case i really enjoy wearing in public and wanna do it again some time.

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    Trust me, no one will be looking at your butt wondering... "Is his butt padded?" It takes some practice to get over the paranoia but, really, people are so engrossed in their own worlds they just don't pay much attention to their surroundings.

    Walgreens cloth like are really quiet and in a public setting the noise level is too high for hearing plastic anyway. Just enjoy the comfort of being padded and dont get worried about anyone else.

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    Just don't get too bold and wet them. Walgreens diapers like most have very little absorbency.

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    ... or rather, make sure you know their tolerances well before thinking of using them.

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    Honestly, no one is going to notice. There can be a thrill to it but I would say the thrill diminishes with time. I like wearing with boxers but it's a personal preference. Keep in mind that the product you are using is specifically designed so that no one will notice it. Let us know how it goes.

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    At this time of year, a long coat wouldn't necessarily look out of place. It doesn't even have to be that long to cover your rear. Something made of lightweight water-resistent fabric, like Gore-Tex, is a good idea, because it has a natural rustle that can mask any noises from your trousers. Getting hold of a onesie would probably help as well.

    I tried wearing in town for the first time myself this past weekend. Went in a fair few shops, sat down to lunch in a decent restaurant. Nobody so much as batted an eye. And that was wearing a Bambino.

    A certain degree of caution is necessary, but the key is to be utterly shameless. People will only notice that you're wearing if they examine you very closely, and they'll only do that if their attention is drawn to you. And the best way to draw people's attention is to behave in a very nervous and self-concious manner. Behave as though nothing is in any way out of the ordinary, and let people's expectation do the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPampers View Post
    Be prepared for paranoia and thrill!
    ya know... i'm kinda jealous reading that.

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