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Thread: Question about fillers / oatmeal / skin care benefits!

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    Default Question about fillers / oatmeal / skin care benefits!

    I recently found out about pouring food products into one's diaper as a way to "feel" messy but without the mess. Oatmeal is a very popular one it seems.

    I just tried it today and it feels quite funny and squishy.

    Needless to say though, what many people don't know is that oatmeal is actually GREAT for the skin / complexion when applied directly in a paste.

    Oatmeal is actually even an ingredient in some body washes / soaps / shampoos (expensive) !! Woohoo!!

    Does anybody have any other ideas of foods / substances that are natural and healthy for the skin that may have a similar effect? I'm told mushed up bananas poured into diapers have a similar effect, and bananas do have a benefit of soft skin, but not nearly as much as Oatmeal.

    I've even heard of Oatmeal Pedicures to make your feet all sexy soft lol...

    Any other ideas for other natural safe fillers that are good for your skin with a similar squishy feel?

    I'd imagine Olive Oil or Coconut oil would be great too, as even some celebrities are known to take baths in Olive Oil (talk about Expensive) for extremely beneficial soft skin!

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    Stuffing a whole sheep down there would give you the wonderful benefit of lanolin, but I don't think I'd want to explain what I was doing with it down my pants. ;D

    But seriously, yeah, oatmeal is great for dry skin. You can make your own oatmeal bath by putting some plain oatmeal into a little pouch and running hot water on it. That lets the good-for-you stuff get into the water, but keeps the oats contained so they don't clog up the drain.

    I've never used any of that in a diaper, but I'm sure you could experiment if you did so intelligently. I can't think of anything off-hand that you haven't already mentioned being good for skin, so I'm afraid I can't help with that. I tried googling, but all that came up were things to eat that would help skin.

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