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    Hello everyone. My name is Kevin. Please excuse me if I screw this up, haven't done this kind of thing in a while.

    I love to read and write, mostly sci-fi, but occasionally I dabble in other genres as well. I like to skateboard, and although I'm not very good, I hope that with practice I'll be able to improve. I've recently taken up sketching some Manga, with disastrous results, I guess I'm just not cut out to be an artist. However, I do have an interest in diapers. I'm not into being babied or anything, I just like them...Guess that makes me a DL. My favorite brand is Luvs, they smell awesome and they're really stretchy...Not really sure what else to say at the moment...but thanks for having me.

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    It is our pleasure to have you. And it is perfectly normal to simply want to look at them, enjoy their fragrance, and how they feel on you... without ageplay or regression coming into it.

    But happily Adisc is all about respecting the different ways and approaches we all have towards our favorite fashion choice; whether ageplay is a part of it or not, gender-play, furplay, or any other "extras." Acceptance and tolerance underlie creatng a supportive and nurturing environment.

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    Hi Kevin,

    Well, I have good news for you: you most definitively did not screw up your introduction
    I'm not good at drawing either >.<. Compared to the stuff I doodle, XKCD looks like fine art... Sometimes I watch streams of babyfur artists, and I have no idea how they draw so well and so fast.
    Is there any particular book you enjoy? Dune, perhaps (it seems to be quite popular with sci-fi fans). Also, you mentioned you're a writer. If you ever feel like it, don't hesitate to post something you are writing in the stories in progress forum. And don't worry, it doesn't need to be diaper related at all ^^

    Hope you stick around,


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    Actually many people here don't post diaper-related stuff much; for some it is enough to be around other padded folk, knowing you are safe and accepted... and can just get on with talking politics or computer games or whatever, without the need to talk diapers at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinkleKing View Post
    I've recently taken up sketching some Manga, with disastrous results, I guess I'm just not cut out to be an artist.
    Welcome Kevin!

    If you're interested in it, don't give up on the drawing just because you're not perfect from the very start! Anyone can be a "natural" at something they've done 10,000 times. The trick is just doing it over and over and getting better.

    I'm primarily a DL too - you're in good company. : )

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