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    So I know a lot of people here play Pokemon (Myself included) so i was wondering several things:
    Will you buy Black or White or both?
    What was your favorite Gen.?
    Favorite Pokemon?
    And anything else you want to contribute, basically a general pokemon discussion

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    I would've bought Black and White, but unfortunately my DS broke from overuse.
    My favourite gen would be Gen 2, because it was the first one I played.
    My favourite Pokemon would be Lucario, because he just looks sick and kicks ass!

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    I'm getting both just as soon as I can get the cash T-T
    And it may sound old of me, but 1st Gen. is my favorite =/ Mainly 'cause it is the first one I grew up with.
    And my favorite Pokemon so far is Rayquaza for he looks AWESOOOOOOME.

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    I liked Gen 3 because it was the first gen i owned but gen2 was the first I played which is why Typhlosion is my favorite.

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    I plan on getting one of them not both or sure which one. As for gen. I would have to say the second one because its the only one that has both johto and kanto leagues in one. There are a lot of pokemon that i like. So besides the starters and obvious strong pokemon like dragonite my favorite would be Growlithe/Arcanine

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    I will probably be getting Black. My favorite gen was probably D/P, i had close to 200 hour on my diamond. It was borderline OCD, all my pokes had to be perfectly EV'd, with the best movesets ect. However I am having nostalgic memories of Ruby, I am definitely looking forward to the remake that will undoubtedly follow black/white.

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    Pokemon black
    Gen 1
    And mew

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    I have a DS flashcart which means I can play roms on my DS so I don't have to buy them I've already played Pokemon Black with an english patch so I will probably get Pokemon White.
    My favorite gen is 2nd gen becuase Pokemon Silver was the very first electronic game that I owned but not the first pokemon game I played. I loved the remake of it too but that still doesn't stop me from playing the old games.
    My favorite Pokemon has gotta be Typhlosion cause it's just pure awesome and can kick the part of your body where poo comes out called the buttocks I also loce Charizard and any other fire and/or dragon type pokemon cause they own all

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    I like ruby sapphire emerald the best!

    I don't have white or black yet. My Fav pokemon is pikachu, but also togepi, ighlybuff.

    For Fav battling pokemon, darkrai for sure! Gotta love dark void and dream eater!

    Oh, and arceus is good too if you collect hm/tms, and regigigas for physical attacks

    As for non legendary, magmortar, electrive, ghastly, whatever the fully evolved cranidos is I love!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butters View Post
    However I am having nostalgic memories of Ruby, I am definitely looking forward to the remake that will undoubtedly follow black/white.
    I sure hope so!!!!!!!! I'd be so happy!

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    At the moment I don't plan on buying the new ones although they do look pretty cool.
    I will forever like the 1st gen since it was my first taste of pokemon.
    My favorite pokemon is Dratini and his evolutions.
    I have a question. Did any of you buy the SoulSilver or HeartGold with the pedometer? I love the idea and had a game similar eleven years ago with digimon. Is it worth buying or is it kind of stupid?

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