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Thread: My six-month coin.

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    Default My six-month coin.

    I'm going to pick it up this weekend.

    Yeah, it's been six months without liquor for me. And that is only the beginning.

    I would have posted about this in my "One-Month Coin" thread, but it looks like that's been closed for some time now.

    Some people are telling me it's a major landmark, in any case. Not necessarily for myself, but I am being encouraged to reach out to people new in sobriety to act as some sort of example. I really don't know how to feel about that, but if I can be of any help in the program, I'm in.

    Hell, I even managed to maintain a decent savings over the last couple of months. I not only have curbed my drinking, I have curbed most of the impulsive spending, and I have curbed many of my other bad habits, as well.

    I have truly discovered that I had to get out of my own headspace, and stay out of it, if I was to ever make any progress. When I am alone with myself, I am alone with insanity.

    Thanks for all of the support I have received ever since I first showed up here, and I do want to be as good of a friend to ADISC as ADISC has been to me.

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    Congratulations on getting your 6 month coin. Keep up the good work and remember take it one day at a time!!!!!

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    Hey, congrats dude. Keep it up. I know how it is to find oneself. It took me a long time to do that and I am still doing that myself. Kudos. Keep it up man


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    It is a landmark for you in many is also a reminder of when you decided to take over responsibility in your life.
    Keep the faith, best wishes.

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    Big congrats from me. That is a great landmark! Here's to your continued success.

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    Congrats! It's not just 6 months sober, it's 6 months being in charge of your own life, and that's a great thing. Go for more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaworuVsDrWily View Post
    I not only have curbed my drinking, I have curbed most of the impulsive spending, and I have curbed many of my other bad habits, as well.
    I for one would have never seen that coming, I mean breaking one bad habit altering your entire life and improving you in many aspects.

    Ok, I'll set the tongue in cheek response aside for a moment and tell you that it is a major milestone. If I were a friend I would buy a cake and invite a few close friends who would also share in wishing you well in continued success as you strive to stay away from a harmful lifestyle, a substance that erodes the body and mind, and an addiction that places many in dreadful living conditions or costs them their life.

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    I wouldn't have known what happened, but I started season 2 of Dexter the other night, so I understand now...

    Congratulations! I'm happy you're committed to changing your life for the better!

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    Thanks, everybody, for the support!

    This is only the beginning, though. I have a whole lifetime, one day at a time, ahead of me.

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