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    Alright, so I know there's a heated "Gun Control" debate going on right now, but I thought I'd try to steer away from that for a minute here. This is not a forum to discuss whether or not people should have these permits, but more for the discussion of obtaining one.

    Do any of you have a CCW Permit, are in the process of getting one, or plan on getting one eventually? I myself am looking at getting a CCW from the State of Florida as my Military Training counts for the class. What I want to know is if anyone has any good advice for people seeking a CCW as I have never done this before. Thanks!

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    I did go through the process, but ran into a technical difficulty as where I was applying was in the county where I went to college (and still reside) however until about 6 months ago my driver's license and all legal documents still had me as a resident of my home county. Now that it's all changed to where I live now one of these day's I'll go about re-doing it as in NY State it's on a county by county basis and where I am now it's fairly easy to get, whereas down home in the NYC suburbs it would be more difficult.

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    Just like applying for any government permit, fill out the application completely, and honestly. Failure to do so is generally considered perjury, and is a felony. When I got my Concealed Handgun Permit in Virginia, it was quite easy for me. I simply filled out the form, made a list of my addresses for the past 5 years, got fingerprinted at the Sheriffs Office and then gave the Clerk of Courts all of that and $20. 4-6 weeks later, I got my permit in the mail.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Due to the nature of my job, I could probably get a concealed carry permit relatively easily. However, I don't trust myself with a firearm. One of the down-sides to having a dissociative disorder is having incidents that involve self-harm. I can fit a cut on my arm with a bandage. I wouldn't be able to fix a bullet hole.

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    I've been thinking about checking into something like this. Mainly because where we live there are really aggressive coyotes who come up at night. I don't like going out at night into the backyard because they'll walk right up and snarl at people. I do have a shotgun that would take care of them, but I'd feel safer walking in the woods towards dusk if I was able to carry a small pistol without having someone freak out about it. :P

    I have neighbors to either side who freak out about the smallest things, and I think that having the permit would keep them shut up even though I'm not sure I would -have- to have one since I'd be carrying on my own property.

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    I have my concealed carry permit and carry a handgun on me everyday. My only advice is get a good quality firearm, belt that is specifically designed for holster and gun carry, and learn to use your carry gun well. A good quality concealed carry system makes a big difference between being "made" and keeping your firearm unknown to others. This also has to do with comfort. If the gun is too big and/or heavy to carry you'll be less likely to carry it. I know quite a bit about selecting guns, holsters, and belts. PM me with any questions.

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    Is it really as easy as I feel you are making it sound? I looked it up a little while ago just for fun and it seemed like it was relatively hard to get the permit. Almost everything I saw said that unless you are a retired police officer or are/were in the military or work for a secured transfer company your chances of getting the permit were very very low.

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    It really depends on the state you live in. The issuing of permits varies from state to state. Some states like California, Maryland, and New Jersey are known as May Issue states which means its left up to the state or local law enforcement or other governing body to decide who gets permits. Shall issue states must issue permits given the applicants meet the minimum requirements. Only three states don't require any sort of permit to carry and those states are Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont. Wyoming's senate just passed a bill that would do away with the permit requirement to carry a concealed handgun.

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    To add to what Pawlf is saying, the vast majority of states are what is known as "Shall Issue" states. Essentially, unless they can find a compelling reason to deny you a permit, they must issue you one.

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