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Thread: Is it weird if your mom is OK with you being a AB

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    Default Is it weird if your mom is OK with you being a AB

    OK I still live with my mom because it's just easier to git to work at my mom store If we live to gather. Well my mom want in my room as I whas potting a diaper on I that she whas out for the day. any whas after that embarrassing moment lol we had a little chat about it. long story short she whas OK with me being a AB and what I do in my room is my basins and we booth that it be a good idea to git a lock for my door. So she OK with it that's a good thing but it just fill weird that she knows about it.

    PS I know my spelling is bad I'll blog about it another time

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    I'd be more concerned if somebody's mother was closed-minded, to be perfectly honest. I don't like the term 'weird' since it's so subjective, but, no, it's not. It just means that your mother respects you and your personal choices.

    My mom's never caught me doing anything DL-related, but she does know that I'm kinky as all hell and she's okay with it 'as long as I'm not being stupid'. Yeah, it's kind of unsettling that she's caught on to a few of my secrets, but it's fine. I've caught on to a lot of hers in my years, after all.

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    Naw the way you described it, it seems fine. If your mother was say helping you with your fetish or what ever it is for you then that would not not so good.

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    Ya I know. it just all this years of hiding it. I geas I shood be happy she whas so cum about it

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    Your mom (anyone's mom for that matter) and "cum" in the same sentence is pretty disturbing. One huge tip on spelling, if you're gonna prioritize a word to learn I would make it that one.

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    Not so much weird as uncommon. Some parents flip out and send their kids to therapy, some deny it exists and some pass it off as a phase in their kid's life. Luckily for you she appears to be cool with it and some parents are, everyone reacts in different ways from what I've seen and heard.

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    nothing weird here be thankful your mom is so helping... oh please use spell check as i found that quite tasking to read...

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