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Thread: Hi I'm Jack

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    Default Hi I'm Jack

    Hi my name is Jack. I like to chill with my friends and play video games. I work at my mom's store it's not much but my mom worked hard for what she got.
    all and all I'm a nice guy. Yes I do like diapers I am a AB I wear diapers on my free time and us them. I play with baby toys and sleep with my stuff doggy Woffy.

    Hope to mack friends with you soon Jack.

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    Hey Jack,

    Welcome to ADISC. Nice to meet you ^^
    You mention that you live playing video games. Is there any genre, series or games that you particularly enjoy? I myself thoroughly enjoy video games, especially RPGs (Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, etc). If you ever feel like talking about games, we have a computer and games sub-forum which you might like

    Anyway, I'll probably be seeing you around,


    p.s. Speaking of games, I seem to vaguely recognize your profile picture - any chance it's a Fire Emblem character?

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    HI jack, nice to meet you. Other than video games what else do you like?? We are much more the ab,tb,bf,dl's, we would like to know the person inside. ADISC is more than just a AB/dl site.

    Feel free to ask all the question that you need, someone here can help.

    thx for joining and have fun, make some friends. Don't be too shy, we're here for each other.

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    I do like playing card games like Magic , yugioh and umm Pokemon. and I'm a meager cartoon nut DBZ yugioh I like them all.

    Near if it is a Fire Emblem character I didn't know it whas just a pick I fund on google is all
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    Welcome to Adisc jack so what do you like to do for hobbies? (for instance engines and backyard ballistics are mine)

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    just like to chill with my frands and play games

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack1988 View Post
    I do like playing card games like Magic , yugioh and umm Pokemon. and I'm a meager cartoon nut DBZ yugioh I like them all.
    Welcome to ADISC Jack! Magic seems like a neat game, my friends were all playing once and i was trying to figure it out but was so lost XD.

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    ya Magic is a littil chricky

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    Indeed i was like sitting in the corner and they were like playing each other XD. I was the awkward turtle! Good times.

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    it all about having fun with your friends rath it's yugiho or playing what aver

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