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Thread: does anybody know what happend to the Areil crawford ab/dl stories

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    Smile does anybody know what happend to the Areil crawford ab/dl stories

    afew years ago I read some ab/dl stories on a website
    theses were stories about a young girl who liked to wear diapers and her mother let her and occasionally let her dink out of baby bottles or sippy cups as a reward or to help calm her when she was up set.
    there where supposed to be more stories later that would tell about her life in diapers as a teenager.
    but I can't find the site anymore or the stories
    does anybody know what happend to the site or the stories?

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    I don't know, but I do know this. Most sites are temporary on the internet, and saying there will be more stories or whatever is an often told tale. It probably came and went.

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    Ariel Crawford was actually the first abdl story I read and I alway wonder if the author would ever continue or finish the sequal to it?

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    You would have to ask her if she comes online. I'm sure she'll see the thread.

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    the author is a member here cool.
    maybe she can explain what happend to the website or stories
    I really liked them.
    I hope she writes more of those stories or at least brings them back.

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    I sent her a pm with a link to this thread, so I'm sure she will see it. Any other questions you'd have to ask her.

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    I don't know if she's still writing Selling Out but i'm pretty sure she stopped because she didn't have enough time due to real life. Ariel was only the second ABDL story I read after ADA. I found out about the community in 1999 so I had the pleasure of getting to read Ariel as it was a work in progress and also getting to talk to the authors of ADA and Ariel. Those were the days. heh now I feel old lol

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    I hope the author of those stories see's this thread.
    it would be nice if those stories would resurface on this or other ab/dl sites.
    and maybe have a chance to ask the author some questions.

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