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    Time, time, time... Anyone else here feel like they never have time to be little? I know that I have to balance my responsibilities with finding time to let myself unwind and just be myself, but it never seems to work out anymore. I literally have to schedule time for it now, and the last 4 times have been interrupted by either work or family emergencies. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? Not begging for sympathy, I know I over schedule myself, and that it's my own fault. Justcorious, and wondering if anyone has tips on how to manage better?

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    I know exactly how you feel. I have been in a purge lately and I think I am slowly starting to come out of it. This purge started bcz everytime I wanted to be "little" something always came up...uggh...its so stressful, I need a day where I am at home by myself and I can just enjoy little me. That includes watching cartoons, wearing my diapers, or kids clothes, paci, sippy cup, etc and just being me. I have so much to do with school and work, its all so stressful and time consuming....

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    Entity, if you can make time, then please send me an entire case. Name your price, I'll try to meet it.

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    Well time does move slower the faster you are moving. Just approach the speed as light as close as you can and you will have all the time in the world you need......
    Although it might be easier to wake up earlier

    Know how you feel about lack of time. 5 days a week I get up at 5, go to work, get home by 7, hit the gym, eat dinner, go to bed, and start all over. Barely enough time on the weekends to enjoy any type of activity.

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    I get irritable if I can't let the little in me out once in a while. Want it or not you have my sympathy.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I feel deprived of a childhood. There's a big break in my memory in 1982 and everything that happened before that feels like it happened to someone else. I started working in 1984 (age 14) and never really had time off since.

    Maybe I'll get a real childhood in my next life.

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