First off i want to say that this IS NOT A LINK TO A ROM its a link to a patcher you will have to find the ROM ON YOUR OWN.

I decided to make this post because Final Fantasy Legend 2 and 3 for the Gameboy are two of my favorite RPG's and i was dismayed when i found out Square was not going to be doing an English release for either. I am in no way affiliated with the translation group!

What is it?:

SaGa 2 is the Japanese name for the gameboy game Final Fantasy Legend 2. It was re-released re done in 3d like The final fantasy III and IV remakes for the DS however Square decided to not do a US release of SaGa 2 for the DS.

What does the patch do?:
The patch will apply a FULL fan done English translation for SaGa 2 DS which you can then play either in a DS emulator or on a Flash Cart.

You can get the patch at SaGa 2 | Crimson Nocturnal

I look forward to their SaGa 3 project as well now