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Thread: -15 in upstate NY

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    Default -15 in upstate NY

    I am just wondering how many other ab/dl's are in the upstate ny area or in the north east were it is below 0 at night?
    if you are in this area do you have a sleeper to wear over your diapers to bed to help stay warm?
    I am so thankful for my footed sleeper and baby blanket to help stay warm at night and even my fleece onesie I wear under my regular cloths during the day

    what or how are you staying warm in this cold weather???????

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    to keep warm during the colder nights I will usually put a thick diaper either abena M3 or 4 with a booster and plastic pants on so i wont have to change in the middle of the night, over that i put on my handmade footed sleeper thats made with extra thick polar fleece. if its extra cold out i will use a extra blanket and have a nice cup of hot coco before bed.
    the only part of me thats ever cold is my hands but I will soon add a pair of fleece mittens to my sleeper to fix that problem.

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    Wish I still had my footed sleeper but gave it to a friend. Was -12 here last night but stayed warm despite the heater being broken with lots of blankets, a few space heaters and the stove. C'mon summer!

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    -8 last night in Central Massachusetts. It's supposed to get even colder tonight.

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    Bah, sub-zero temperatures aren't that cold ^^

    Oh, wait, those aren't Celcius? Oh well ^^

    Honestly, my room tends to be colder in the summer that in the winter, since my room always seems to get a lot more heating/AC that anywhere else in the house... But ya, when its cold (so, when it's over 30C outside -_-) a sleeper and diaper make for a good night of sleep.

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    In my sector of NY, it's been subzero even during parts of the day.
    I'm loving it.

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    it keeps dipping to 30ish here, but it's Texas. When it snows, then we have a problem.

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    Im in Upstate NY. -7 right now. and im comphy in mah sleeper

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    Suppose to be between -25 and -35 with the wind chill in the berkshires and western ma tonight yeah i am at work

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