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    Jesus, this game is creepy. Basically, you're in the dark most of the time and creepy shit happens xD

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I think it's pretty cool, but it's also pretty creepy.

    Anyone play this?

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    I've beaten it. My favourite part was the drill + dead guy + poison + cure. You'll understand when you get there. Severing Agrippa's head took me like 2 hours to figure out how to do. Just so confusing.

    watch?v=loSzpvq73FY <--- copy/paste this after the regular Youtube URL. I can't post links, but this will make you laugh so hard.

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    First, Zephiel's link: YouTube - Holy shit, Amnesia WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK (just to help out on that)

    I own the game, but I have yet to get around to playing it, haven't played a single game in genre so not looking forward to it.

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    I cannot get it running on my system unfortunately. I have a generic chipset graphics card, which doesn't work with the game.

    I LOVE horror games like this. These guys also did the 'Penumbra' series, and I loved those!

    Wish I could play it, but alas, it is not meant to be.

    And that video is hilarious Zephiel XD

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    I've heard of Amnesia... although, I most likely will never get it.
    Mainly 'cause the guys who make that game did the Prenumbra series.
    And I played the first one.
    And it scared me like crazy... I'm sort of a wuss ._.

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    The youtube user's handle "dildobitch" clues you in you're getting a QUALITY video. SIGH.

    I stopped it after about 3 minutes of that stupid kid going "aaaugggh oh god a zombie aaughh". Is there any point to watch the rest of that whatsoever?
    Amnesia looks "neat" for a horror game, I guess. Doesn't particularly grab me.

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    I so badly wanna play it, but unfortunately, my system won't be able to handle it. ;~;

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