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Thread: What type of AB/DL are you?

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    Default What type of AB/DL are you?

    Ok, so I've decided (and I'm in charge so just go with it) that there are two types of AB/DL. The Primary AB/DL and the Secondary AB/DL. As I'm sure a lot of you know/can work out, I only joined this site because a (now-ex)boyfriend told me he was an AB and I wanted to find out more about it. Luckily everyone here was lovely and I stayed on the site. And now I am one.

    Here are the classifications:

    The Primary AB/DL
    I have known since my own early childhood that I am interested in diapers/am an AB/whatever else.

    The Secondary AB/DL
    I was introduced to this by a friend/SO or found out about it online at an older age. After some thought I am interested in diapers/am an AB/whatever else.

    So, I expect the majority of people are in the first category, but I've noticed a few people who have said recently in their intros etc that they were introduced to it by their friend/SO. I'm just interested to see what people have to say about this, and possibly work out a rough idea about how many of us didn't start out that way.

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    Secondary dl. I was just curious. No one introduced me to this

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    A Primary AB/DL i have always like to wear diapers.

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    Primary. After thinking back to my past, I've realized that I've always had a connection to diapers.

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    Hmmm, do TB/DL's count? (I already voted, so too late :P) Well, I didn't really knew what to pick. From my childhood, I always wanted something, like to be a baby, but I wasn't exactly sure how. Hmmm, I can't explain it, but I think I'm in between those options.

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    Definitely primary. I was into all this from when I was 4-5 onward.

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    At a young age I found myself wanting to wear diapers once again so I have always known.

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    Talula and I should make a club for just the secondaries, since you primaries seem to be a majority. And we'll have black jack. And hookers. Actually, forget the club... Ugh, just screw the whole thing. -_-

    I looked it up online around my first year of high school after a really weird dream. Before that, it was almost non-existant. I say almost because I always enjoyed episodes in TV shows where a character was regressed (better if it was forced), but I never really thought of it.

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    Primary, but I don't quite fit into your definition because although I wasn't introduced by someone else, I only found it about age 13.

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