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Thread: DL in Boston here

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    Smile DL in Boston here

    Hello Everyone!
    I am a DL who currently lives in boston. I love this lifestyle and would love the opportunity to discuss and chat to anyone interested. Sometimes it is just a comfort to log on and remember that there are other people out there with the same likes.

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    Hey Maine,

    Welcome to our community. You did a good job at explaining that you like diapers and giving us the reason why you decided to come and join our us: it is indeed quite nice to be able to get a reminder that we are indeed not all alone in liking them. However, liking diapers is something virtually everyone here has in common. In the "real" world this might be a big deal, but its really quite mundane here on ADISC. Do you think you could tell us a little bit more about yourself? For example, do you have any interesting hobby, in what field do you work/study, what is the signification of your username, do you have any favourite book/movie/band...

    Anyway, welcome once again and I can't wait to learn more about you


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    Sorry- I did not mean to leave you all hanging in the previous post. I live and work in boston. I enjoy a quiet bar at night and avoiding most of the stuff people usually associate with this fine city. I cant stand the rat race, or the summer tourists, so i usually stick to side streets with personality. I am a huge Red Sox fan, but not a sports freak by any stretch. Hope this helps! Any other bostonians?

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    welcome aboard Ryan and I hope you grow into your diapers like the rest of us. it is a wonderful site to explore and lots of us here willing to chat and help you

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    Every now and then I venture in to the big city and go to Stanza for a drink and cigar but really don't get out much lately

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    Yay another new englander! welcome! I'm not from Boston RyanJones however I visit the city from time to time. Next time I am going to be down there is for PAX east. What are your hobbies?

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    I'm from ME myself, family owns a place on the cape, which we rent out during the summer, sorry for contributing to tourism.

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    If you ever venture north, in Nashua, Nh at the Pheasent Lane Mall there is a family bathroom in the food court that has a full size changing table counter. Just to let you know and welcome to the board

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    Hey thanks alot! everyone so far is so welcoming. Although i have been wearing for most of my life, i have kept it personal for many years. I am hoping to branch out and be a bit more proactive.

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