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    This company called baby pants had diaper pins that i bought through amazon do you know if they ship discretely? Bought some threw there because i could not find diaper pin in a walk in store any more.

    Thanks Bill

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    If this is the same person selling Nuk 5's on eBay (I think it is), they are very good about shipping discreetly and quickly.

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    yeah i heard they ship pretty discreetly, im waiting for my package it got pushed back a little bit because they didnt have something that goes with it

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    I Just recieved a package from them and all it said on the shipping lable was B Pants, and their address.

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    I have bought from them before... the only thing is that on the label is a rubber ducky... that's it!

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    Wow already received them. That was very fast. thanks for the replies.

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    i have a question, does baby pants notify you when they ship out items? because i ordered two things from them and didnt get any notification if they shipped or not?

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    If you buy through eBay yes. They will send you a tracking number. If you haven't gotten one
    You should contact them. User message will be fine, I've bought before great communication

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