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Thread: Equality, what does it mean to you?

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    Default Equality, what does it mean to you?

    I've been thinking about gender, race, and orientation equality a lot recently. I don't know how others feel, but I felt I needed to tell someone my feelings on the subject.
    All people are, or should be equal in the eyes of the law. I think that if the term Marriage is such a sticking point, then legally ALL contracts joining two people in that manner should be Civil Unions. I would have no problem having my marriage license reclassified. I see no reason for same sex couples to have anything different from hetero couples. LGBT, hermaphrodites, brown skin or pale, everyone deserves the same legal protections.
    I truly don't understand why people are so afraid of this idea. Unfortunately, telling me I'll understand when I'm older isn't going to help, I think by the time you pass 30, if the status quo still doesn't make sense, it probably never will.
    I feel it's pretty safe for me to post this here, because I think we can have a civil discussion. Most people here seem willing to think and discuss, rather than just react. (yes, tried this thread elsewhere, bad results)
    Thanks for reading.

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    Equality means making the previous oppressors pay for what they did to my heretofore oppressed group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawcross View Post
    Equality means making the previous oppressors pay for what they did to my heretofore oppressed group.
    *not sure if serious*

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    People are afraid of the unknown, but if you live with the known all your life, you're going to look like a closed-minded douchemachine.

    The reason people should be equal? They all bleed if they're cut. Black, white, hispanic, gay, straight, male, female... If you're cut, you're going to bleed. If you bleed to much, you're going to die. Everybody, naturally, will decompose when they're dead. We all came from a uterus too. So why should it really matter what you do as long as you're not hurting anybody? (And even then, I'm sure we've all offended or hurt somebody at one point in our lives. We learn and move on if we're really human.)

    Yes, life in itself useless and it's about what you do that counts, but we're all humans and deserve to be treated the same damn way (for the most part). And, yes, people tell me that I'll understand when I'm older and I say "What? The moment I'm 30 I'll lose my humanity? Bull. Shit."

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    A goal that is sought after but never achieved. Simply because equal is never equal. Someone will always have something more than another person, weather its power, money, rights, freedom, there is always something. Past thoughts and sterotypes will always factor in. Black's rape and pillage, Gay's are devil worshipers, Women belong in the kitchen, and White Christian males bring peace,santiy and justice to the world. Thoughts like these will always be around, no matter how false they are.

    And some people are just ignorant... Well, in fact, most of us are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    *not sure if serious*
    I'm not being serious, but that's what "equality" usually ends up nowadays, sadly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
    I've been thinking about gender, race, and orientation equality a lot recently. I don't know how others feel, but I felt I needed to tell someone my feelings on the subject.
    All people are, or should be equal in the eyes of the law.
    much of a sticking point for me, and many others, this, especially as it's always the above particular groups to which the concept is applied - never to the other, more numerous, groups within society. call me what you will (working class, white trash, chav, scum.....that's what i am), but i fall into a category that bears the brunt of the decisions of those who govern and dictate to society; and it's that which then dictates our response.
    i mean, there's basically two aspects to law: criminal and civil, and placing a particular act within either drastically changes how it is received, perceived and dealt with accordingly. over time, the practices and attitudes which derive from this become established within the population.
    but, in many areas there are still conflicts between the law and the people, as other aspects of law put the people into positions whereby they have little choice but to conflict - and they either get away with it or they get caught and punished (like a child being hung or deported to a colony for stealing a loaf of bread). such conflicts will rage endlessly until there is a law of the people, by the people, for the people - and that won't happen until the power, money and position is taken from those who dictate the current circumstances to which we respond.

    all-in-all, i still say that the main inequalities, prejudices and discriminations within british society (and i'm starting to see the same for america, as i get a clearer picture) are purely down to class/caste and that the bulk of other forms of negativity are simple reactions to the decisions of our rulers.
    how that then relates to particular groups being given 'equality' in the eyes of the law is wholly affected by the ilks and fancies of those who constitute 'our rulers'.

    personally, i couldn't give a toss what the law says (since they don't give a toss about us) and i'm guided by my experience of life and people. while i stick to the generalizations and stereotypes because they have truth, it's also true that one should never judge a book by it's cover; so, i juggle with them, cautiously.
    if anybody wants me to change my opinion of them, they have the option of changing my opinion, not telling me to change it.

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    In life we are dealt a hand, good or bad, we've got to put on our best poker face and play it the best we can.

    The problem is that in life, there are several games that exist and those which people prefer. These people side with each other because they share a commonality;

    Class, Race, Religion, Sex, Hobbies, Hate, Love, and so forth. (To win at Risk, you've got to Divide and Conquer, makes you wonder who exactly is doing this, aye?)

    But like these many games, life has many rules and these rules can be multi-dimensional, but we all wish everyone would play fairly to have a chance.

    So what does Equality mean to me? Equality means you play by the rules. Win with grace, lose with dignity.
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    equality is something "agents"(any one at the top) fight to never let happen. it was mentioned by some one that equality on all levels will never be achieved....which is true when you look at the generalization the word equality evokes. its like world peace....what exactly is world peace? i will say that while the deck is stacked against people with out power it is possible through "movements" to create change and bring equality to areas where it is lacking but it doesnt happen easy nor over night

    in a nutshell equality/inequality is a broad sociological and social justice terms used to describe where there is disruption in the balance of power between two or more and also the push to bring balance. some disruptions have been around since the beginning of time and some just appear out of no where. one thing never changes and that is people who are the ones with power always fight tooth and nail to hold on to it.

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