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Thread: Where you wear at house

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    Default Where you wear at house

    when you are at your house, what do you do when you wear them, do you visit with family like nothings different, do you just go to room lock door take off pants and play video games, or do you just wear them under the cover of night. I wear them around my house, but if it is not night I will wear underwear over them so if my pants sag a little they see boxers and not diaper. I occasionally wear just them and shirt if I know I am alone.

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    Only wore them in my room so far.
    Someone is ALWAYS home, and it sucks.
    Usually wear them with no pants, but have a pair of sweats if someone knocks.

    I am sooo happy I have a lock now :3

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    Anywhere. My usual uniform is a diaper and a sweatshirt. If I'm feeling more inhibited about my gf seeing the diaper for any reason, I wear a longer sweatshirt. Typically, though, I wear a shorter one that doesn't block the view of my diaper. Though, if I'm around the apartment, I tend to change it a lot earlier. I'm less concerned about a small amount leaking in bed compared to, say, in the kitchen or on the couch.

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    For me it is under the cover of night, or to be more specific under my covers at night.

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    I usually wear at night and in my room if my roommate is gone, but I won't wear at all if he's here. When I was still living at home, I would lock my door and wear a lot at night or Shem everyone was gone.

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    I usually sleep padded, will wear around the house with little precaution if no one is home, and if there are other people around i'll still wear something thin like a DryNites but won't use it.

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    I usually only have worn them when no ones home....which isn't actually hard since there's only two ppl living in my house....but sometimes family does come over, so to be safe i usually where sleep pants over it. But so far, in about the week since i got my first pack, i've not been caught, unless someone somehow has caught on somehow.

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    I usually only wear durring the evening, and mostly in my room. My parents know I like to wear, so getting caught isn't really a concern, however I still prefer to keep is as discret as possible.

    As for what I wear over my crinkles when I do go out of my room, its usually either sweat pants, pajama pants or swim shorts.

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    I wear whenever I want at home, and sometimes I even go out wearing a nappy.

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    I don't wear around my kids at all although I have no issues with wearing in public or around the house otherwise. In public, I tend to use products that are less thick than what I would choose at home. I always wear under boxer shorts because I find it more comfortable and it acts as a good protection against leaks.

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