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Thread: Abena Abri-Form Super & Extra, Any pictures?

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    Default Abena Abri-Form Super & Extra, Any pictures?

    (Haha, I just got linked to a question I asked TWO years ago regarding the supers when I typed the title!)

    Anyway, i'm on another diaper binge and this time I absolutely KNOW I cannot get X-Plus. This time i'm going to try either the Supers or the Extras. Right now i'm leaning torward the Supers however I would like to see some pics of both if possible.

    Has anyone got any to take pictures of?

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    I dont have any pictures at the moment, but I can say that between the extras and supers, I would take the extras. They are the about the same thickness, but there is more padding in the extras and in my opinion hold alot more then the supers. I wear extras during the day and you get a lot in a case. Hope this helps.

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    +1 for the extra's.
    i have had both, and the extra and the super both feel about the same thickness / size, but the extra has more absorbency. (i am actually wearing one right now..)
    the x-plus (next one above the extra) is about twice the thickness and very bulky.

    if you have ever had bambinos, they are about the same thickness as the extra's, and wear similarly; the abena is slightly larger, wears higher up on the belly, the bambino sits a bit lower, and both are about the same for bulk.

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    I'm primarily concerned about color. Which ones are white, similar to the X-Plus's?

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    Awesomee! Thanks Injektilo84 <3 I wonder how the extras look now!

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