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Thread: Finally got real diapers!

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    Default Finally got real diapers!

    Yes! and it's everything I ever thought it could be!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaultin View Post
    Yes! and it's everything I ever thought it could be!
    Congrats! How did you obtain them?

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    Hey... that's great!

    What kind... where did you get them?

    A piece of advice... they'll probably take a bit of practice to be able to put on properly... but be patient... it all comes with time and experience.

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    Okay full story, now that they are safely disposed of.

    I now have money, as I have a full time summer job. My mom and my bro went to his orthodontist appointment, and I was like; **** it, it's now or never, I'll either finally get what I've wanted for so long or doom myself to 2 more years of fear and secrecy. So I walked through the woods to an obscure local supermarket in a dying shopping center. Got a pack of Large Depends Fitted. They actually fit surprisingly well with the aid of a little scotch tape, but they seemed to me to be quite low rise (maybe I just have a long distance from my crotch to belly button? L said they were for 42" waists, and I'm a 30, but they fit fine, but were barely above my hips...w/e.) They didn't leak, things were good, and I felt like I could hav pushed them a lot further, as I only gave them one medium wetting and a few dribbles. I can't imagine how absorbent a high quality diaper like the Abri must be ...anyway, 15 more left. Awesome.

    Tripple bagged and at the bottom of the bottom trash bag

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    Exellent! Good for you, hopeing so much that that will happen to me soon. Don't worry - I'm planning. ...

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    Cool... try getting the mediums next time... they will fit you better.

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    Thats a little weird that they fit so low, I have close to a 31 waist and when I use large they practicly come half way up my body, but then again I'm one of those people who are built close to the road, verticaly challenged I call it.

    But I refuse to buy depends I tried them once and they sucked, then someone said they improved and I bought them again, and they still sucked, I have had better luck with wally worlds diapers than depends.

    But if thats all you can get, you gotta go with that, if you lived in the northeast, I could help you out from time to time, with diaper hideing and such.

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    Well, I figure genuine real life diapers are better than none at all, and these lived up to my expectations fine, despite the fact that I grabbed the wrong size because I was so sweaty and nervous. I don't really care if there are better diapers out there; I have diapers.

    Also, ballucanb, I'm, er, vertically gifted as it were, being 6'2"+ (and my growth plates are wide open...not a very convincing baby ). But yeah, the Large seem barely long enough to cover, er, certain parts, to prevent leaks, so even though the waist is a little wide for me, I don't think it would be wise to step down to the medium next time, at least in the Depends.

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    I got some Depends yesterday and i have noticed that the absorbency has gotten better, i think mine held like 6 or 7 wettings and only minor leaks. Mabey i just got a diaper with the wrong amount of material in it.

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