So I bought these for the first Time I bought the pull up ones by accident I was looking for the tape ones because I love them.
But I got home and like a year ago I noticed people saying they were horrible etc but the packet nows says redesigned far better. And on the back it shows a list of new features including that it holds 15 percent more.

Apart from looking like Granny pants ( they look horrible no joke I love looking at diapers and I love the cuteness level but of course I thought I was buying taped diapers. Anyway I got home my parents left for a party. So I had me time I put them on and they pulle right up to my belly button well just about but this was only the waist thing no padding.
I noticed the padding starts very low done (you have to pee downwards)

I think they are really good (words can not describe the looks though) I basically let full flow my dry nites would of flooded but these never did and I was going for ages on full flow. I got the meduim packet because I have a 32 inch waist.

People should give these another chance I am thinking of only buyting these now because My dry nites just about go to my bum (where the line starts it just about is above it)

Sorry for getting of topic but I buy dry nites and the age is something to 15 People were saying get extra large where do I get them ???

THank you and give the boots a try they are good now