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Thread: Questions for all bedwetters.

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    Default Questions for all bedwetters.

    When you wake up in the morning do you still have to go to rr?? I am asking cause idk bout anyone else but when I wet the bed a ye ago I didn't. Not being sexual btw.

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    are you asking if I empty my bladder over night? Yes, I wake up in the morning very wet and I almost never have to go when I wake up

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    Not everybody is the same--I seem to continue to produce urine at the normal rate at night (something with a hormone missing in my body not to mention the neurological issues that keep me from having solid control). As such, I wake up COMPLETELY soaked and still often find that I will still wet heavily shortly after when I wake.

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    For me as a bedwetter, sometimes I still have to pee when I wake up and sometimes I don't. I don't see much of a pattern with it.

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    Like Analog said, everyone is going to be different in this area. It will all depend on so many factors that trying to figure out what is a norm in this area would be very hard. Some variables to this would be how much fluid intake has one taken versus the output. How much sleep is someone getting or taking, how long prior to voiding in your sleep before you wake up and many more factors would determine if we need to go as soon as we awake up.

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    I am almost totally incontinent now however, sometimes I do feel the need to go in the morning but the majority of the time I do not

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    As what Ry said, I am almost full inco. However, sometimes I actually do need to go in the morning.

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    Ditto with AnalogRTO for me too. When I wake up I still go to the restroom to work out any possible #2 and still find there was lots of urine left to go.

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    I have to go every morning to the toilet. I wake up with the need to go. Also when I and the beth is compleet wet.

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    I still have to use the toilet when I get up even if I have a wet bed or nappy/diaper.
    My kidneys continue to produce urine at one hell of a rate even when I am asleep.
    In my case the link or nerves between my bladder and my brain cease to work when I am asleep and my bladder hits the empty now button once or twice most nights. If I have a sleepless night I am awake when I need to pee.
    I am fine during the day though while I am awake.

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