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Thread: Has anyone else had a Kidney scan?

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    Default Has anyone else had a Kidney scan?

    I've had a bladder scan (although it's been a couple years), and that was fine. They fill you're bladder with dye, and then ask you to try to pee on the table (or chair, as I've had both done).

    But, the Kidney scan I endured yesterday...was just torture. It took me three hours for my body to register that I do not have to pee, but instead just had to adjust to what the hell they did to me. And the pain, that was just...I can't explain it.

    My kidneys are doing well though, which means no dialysis, which made it worth it in the end. But I'm still not 100 percent yet.

    So, has anyone else had this scan?

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    Ouch I'm sorry I can't say that I have I hope your feeling better though

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