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    My friend came over and said to me "So...Are you the kind of infantilist who finds it sexual to suck on womens breasts for milk or the kind that just enjoys being a baby? Coz, I watching Sexcetera last night and they did a show on it, there was those who find sexual stuff in being treated like a baby and those who don't which had some really long latin name."

    First. I corrected him. "Paraphilic infantilism?" "Yeah, that's the one." "Not latin at all, and no, most infantilists don't actually act like babies, we act more like toddlers. I'm 4."

    The conversation after, pretty much went on about us both talking about our fetishes, until he got nervous about his and kind of trailed off on himself.

    So. Has anyone actually seen the episode of Sexcetera my friend mentioned? I tried Youtube but no dice.

    Would anyone please be as kind to give me a run through?

    As far as I'm aware, it's not actually 'porno' so to speak, but delves into several 'fetishes' and explains them as a whole whilst either doing examples or showing examples.

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    It sounds like the part of "Shoot Em' Up" or the king baby episode of CSI. But really I don't understand the reason people watch tv shows about a fetish they can't or don't want to understand. As far as I see it they are used just to laugh at others like "Thank god I am not like that!!".

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    This show, as far as I am aware, takes NEUTRAL approaches to all fetishes and doesn't insult them, thus why I am actually interested in how it was portrayed.


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    "Continuing with our 'laughing at freaks, but in a caring way' season..."

    I haven't seen it.

    Or have I? The first time I ever heard of the term "adult baby", before I'd ever wore nappies, was on a programme on TV that I saw. I have no idea what it was though, so it may well have been this one. Depends on how old it is though.

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    It could be just something that is in european countries, and not carried here. Do you know what channel this was on like if it was on directv, there might be something available here.

    Or it might be found on one of the pay perview channels here.

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    "Sexcetera is an American Playboy TV factual series about human sexuality. Having run for 75 episodes as of 2007, it is one of Playboy's longest-running series, beginning in the late 1990's. Sexcetera features four or five "reports" per 1-hour episode.

    The reports, which most often come from the US but are sometimes from around the world, usually cover fetishes, sex expos or gatherings, products (e.g. toys) and sex tips. Reporters present in a humorous style, and the program is often explicit."

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    I don't watch pornos, so no, haven't seen that episode. But I have heard of the show- in fact, I've seen it on, but have never watched it.

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    No. It's an a american show. I know it's on LivingTV here but never watched an epsiode.

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    I think CITY- TV out of Toronto, Canada might have run the program or something very similar to it.... Friday's 11:30 pm, but I think it is no longer running.

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