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Thread: Greetings from finland

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    Default Greetings from finland

    Heh, so busy lately that totally forgot about this =)

    So yeah, I'm a AB/DL/Furry from finland. 25 years old and enjoying my 24/7 diaper-life.

    Part-time working and studying at university, soon to be engineer =)

    Please, ask more if need information!

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    Hey Hysi,

    Welcome aboard. It figures that you'd be busy, being a student tends to do that to you. What kind of engineering are you studying?
    Do you have any hobbies or cool/random fact you could tell us about (not anything to identify you, but stuff like "I like knitting" or "I'm a big Biathlon fan" (since you're from Finland you would probably be a very happy one, considering how well Mäkäräinen is doing this year ^^)).
    Oh, and since you're a furry, do you have a fursona? And if so, what specie?

    In any case, I hope to see you around,


    Edit: I was wondering, does Hysi mean anything, or is it one of those random four letter nicks (à la XKCD)?

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    Hello and welcome! It is an interesting name ... and as I am researching names at present I looked up the meaning; suggesting Chinese or Australian origin ... but you are from Finland!

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    Heh, sorry to be so short but now I can type again

    Yes, im studying automation and electricity engineering at the university. Besides this i run my own company and work as a part timer at Subway (making food).

    My intrests besides ab/dl things, is airsoft, outdoors, computers and chatting. Well I can't say the airsoft is anymore hobby, since my own company is related to it. You can go and check it out T:mi Jesse Nio .

    About my fursonas.. you can find from Userpage of finbabyfur -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (coyote and pony)

    My nick name is just randomblurt for english, but in finnish language it's a shortage my last name and old nick. Hard to explain.. *blush*

    And finally.. diapers have been very important part of my life. I started going 24/7 in march 2010, after only night use

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